Use These Tricks to Look Better and Younger – in a Hurry!

Use These Tricks to Look Better and Younger

Wide-Eyed Beauty

Many of the features that we find most attractive are rooted in Mother Nature. That’s true of the big-eyed look that is considered beautiful. Our eyes never change in size – our face simply grows around them and makes them appear smaller. So, those big eyes signal young and fertile and that was important to our ancient ancestors. Today, it’s simply lovely. So, a quick fix to give your eyes that wide-eyed, young look. Draw a line along the top lid but don’t go for that eyeliner look. Instead, use a smoky tone and then smudge. You’re fooling Mother Nature and making your eyes look bigger, brighter and helping to make your face look younger!

Clear Skin

It’s another feature we find very attractive today, but is rooted in the way, way distant past when bumps and blemishes could be a sign of infection or disease. Clear skin was a sign of good health. And, it still is. But, it’s also a beauty standard that women want to achieve. If you have a problem with blemishes, try a product that contains 2% salicylic acid. If that doesn’t work, see a dermatologist. You can get a prescription to help which might be a retinoid. Making an investment in healthy skin is one of the best investments you can make in looking your very, glowing best.

Clean, Shiny Hair

Freud had something to say about hair. He found it attractive not just because of the way it looked, but because it was touchable and, even, because it excited the sense of smell. Still, trying to keep that just-washed scent can take a toll on your hair and leave it looking dry. So, don’t go for the daily wash. Instead, excite both sight and smell by spraying your signature scent on your hair brush and brushing it through. Beautiful, bouncy hair will definitely make you more attractive and, maybe, that special guy will come closer just to get a whiff of your special scent.

The Eye(lashes) Have It

Women have recognized the power of eyelashes across the centuries. Long ago, Parisians sewed hair into their eyelids – without an anesthetic. Today you can have the look without the pain. If you’re blessed with beautiful lashes, a quick touch of mascara and the eyelash curler — you’re set to go. The curler is a must to give you that big-eyed look! If you weren’t naturally blessed, today you can have eyelash extension applied to your own lashes. You’ll get a natural look that enhances your eyes and makes that wink more dramatic than ever before.

You’re in the Pink

It’s Mother Nature at work again. At a woman’s most fertile time of the month, there’s more blood flow under the skin. It’s a natural flush that signal fertility. Very important when our ancestors were populating the world, but studies show it still attracts a man’s attention. The difference? Today, we can create that look. Use a soft stain on your lips and then blot for a completely natural look. Did you know that if you dot some extra color on the center of your lips, you’ll create that movie-star pout. You can add a little touch of color to the apples of your cheeks to complete that rosy, sexy, beautiful glow!

Pay Attention to Your Brows

What makes faces appear more beautiful? Symmetry! That’s been a fact since the ancient Greeks. Your eyebrows are the frames that help create that symmetrical look. Brush them up. Want the most natural look? This may surprise you, but unless you’re a blonde powder them with a powder that is one shade lighter than the brows. It will highlight them and look totally natural. If you’re a blonde, don’t go lighter but don’t overdo it. Use a powder that is a shade darker than your hair.

Get Great Results

Most of these hints are just a touch of color and a spritz of perfume. But, if you need more help, your appearance is worth it. Make an appointment with a dermatologist if you need help with blemishes or to reduce sun damage. Get ready to bat your eyelashes with eyelash extensions. Be sure to choose a business like Amazing Lash Studios that has fully trained aestheticians and wonderful choices so you find the eyelashes that are exactly right for you. You know that when you look your best, you have the most confidence – at work, at play and on that special night on the town! You go girl!