5 Things to Do for Yourself Before the Wedding

Things to Do for Yourself Before the Wedding

Be your best self. It’s one of the most important days in your life – your wedding day. You’ll spend months planning the ceremony and celebration. How will you prepare to look and feel your best on that special day? Here are 5 things to do – for yourself – before the wedding.

1. Get The Glow. You remove your makeup daily; you moisturize regularly. You take care of your face, but before the wedding, you may want more. It’s time to visit a beauty spa. See what they recommend – maybe a combination of chemical peels and deep pore cleaning – do it at least a week before the big day. Give your complexion time to recover from any redness caused by the treatment and to generate the new collagen that will give you your prettiest face and that wedding day glow.

2. Get Ready For The Dress. If your dream of wearing something fitted, but are worried about that little tummy bulge…if your ideal dress is strapless but your upper arms are a concern, get ready early. If you want to lose a few pounds, don’t do that crash diet. It’s not healthy and may leave you feeling more worn-out than beautiful. Instead, get a personal trainer or a really good gym and get started a few months before the wedding. If your weight is just fine, but you still have problem areas, check out trouble spot treatments like HYPOXI and feel confident about yourself and your dream dress. (And, don’t forget to buy that dress well in advance of the wedding.)

3. Fix Your Hair. Fix it the way you want it on your wedding day. How does it look? How does that hairdo last? Will it make it through all the festivities from the walk down the aisle through the reception? If you want to color your hair or perm it, do it at least a month before the wedding. If it doesn’t work or isn’t what you want, you have time to correct the look to the one you want. Another hint – keep your hairdo close to your usual style. You want to be you – and a beautiful you.

4. Try Out Makeup. Again, you want it to be perfect so give it a test drive. Eyes too dark? Lips too bright? You want all of your makeup to work together to enhance your beauty – not to stand out or be garish. It’s worth the price to have your makeup done by a professional, but, still, make an appointment in advance of the big day so you can try different looks and find the one that’s perfect for you.

5. Smile! You want your smile to be its brightest and whitest. Talk to your dentist and ask about teeth whitening – or try one of the many over-the-counter products. Just use one from a brand you know and trust.

It’s a wonderful time. Sure, there will be some stress as you take care of all the wedding details, but don’t let that stop you from taking care of yourself! If you’re wondering about exactly how to look your best – talk to the experts. Find that makeup artist. Visit a HYPOXI studio – it’s the problem spot treatment that combines mild exercise with compression and vacuum therapy and it’s been proven in countries around the world. You’ll love the results – problem area under control. Check. Fabulous hair. For sure. A glowing complexion. Beautiful. The dress of your dreams. Of course.Taking care of yourself in these easy ways will ensure you shine inside and out on your special day.