3 New Ideas in Weight Loss

3 New Ideas in Weight Loss

The best part of these 3 new ideas in weight loss is that they’ve shown results! Maybe one of them is going to be the way you lose weight or a stubborn problem area. Wouldn’t that be perfect – to finally get rid of the stubborn belly fat or those thick thighs? Here’s how!

1. Ultrasound. How simple is that? You have to be able to pinch that inch (or more?). This new treatment has just received FDA approval in the United States, but it’s been being used in Canada for a number of years. Here’s the gross part. The technician literally grabs your fat and gathers in up in a meatloaf like shape. It’s then taped in that shape. (You may not want to look!) After the pulling, shaping and taping, the technician moves a warm hand piece over that tummy rectangle. It only takes about 10 minutes but one user reported losing ¾ of an inch of her waistline. You do have to follow up for 10 days with a healthy diet and exercise. The drawback? It tends to be expensive!

2. Thank Michael Phelps. You’ve probably read – and wondered – how any human could eat more than 12,000 calories and stay slim. Sure, Michael is swimming – fast and lots! But running a marathon is only going to use up about 2,500 calories so his slim shape and those calories didn’t completely compute. A NASA materials scientist decided to look into it and came up with the answer. Cold! Cold water. To test his theory, the scientist began taking cold showers and leaving his shirt off on cold winter days. He lost 27 pounds in six weeks. Another expert, an associate professor at the University of California, Irvine, took the idea and, well, ran with it. He developed a vest that comes with ice packs. Use it with diet and exercise and it will become an ingredient in helping you reach your weight loss goal faster.

3. Blood Flow Makes a Difference. It’s scientific. It’s easier to lose weight in areas that have good blood supply. Most of our problem areas don’t have that supply where the fat collects. An Austrian sports scientist knew all this. He also knew that motion – exercise – is key in weight loss. So, he put them together and created a way for them to work in the places where you want to lose — your thighs, your hips, your stomach – even your cellulite. It’s called HYPOXI and it is a unique vacuum-compression system that works with you. You do gentle exercise – like a reclining bike – and you lose weight about 3 times faster and you lose it in those problem areas. It’s available in more than 50 countries and now it’s available in the United States. If those beach-loving Australians love it (there are about 90 studios there), you know it is proven.

Don’t be afraid to try something new. Sure, some ideas may not be your idea of fun – like exercising in an ice vest or going shirtless in the winter. But, others combine good science with ways to lose weight like the HYPOXI system.