Why Low Impact Exercise Might Be Right for You

Why Low Impact Exercise Might Be Right for You

Who Needs Low Impact Exercise and Why
Low-impact exercise is the right exercise for many people. Pregnant women can benefit from keeping up an exercise routine if they can no longer do a high impact routine. Low impact works for anyone with joint or bone injuries or arthritis – even, stress fractures. It reduces stress on joints which makes it good for those who are significantly overweight. Low impact exercise is a good way for beginners to get started with a regular exercise routine. Plus, many people just don’t enjoy high-impact exercise so low impact gives them exercise they can enjoy. Simply, for many people, low impact exercise is preferred – and it works!

Low Impact Exercise Builds Endurance
One of the big advantages of low impact exercise is that it allows a person to build endurance at their own pace. Low impact exercises don’t have a “recovery” time so they are the perfect exercises to use to build a regular exercise habit. Low impact can be a jumping off point to build to a higher impact routine or can be an ongoing part of healthy lifestyle. Low impact exercise isn’t limited by such procedures as a knee replacement, so they can be used to regain endurance and reestablish a healthy routine (check with your doctor before starting). One of the benefits for many is an improvement in balance as low impact exercise can increase kinesthetic awareness. You can build endurance that gives you more energy all day, every day with low impact exercise.

Improve Your Cardiovascular Health
Research has shown that low impact fitness can create an improvement in cardiovascular health. Low impact exercise is effective in protecting heart health. It can improve your circulation, help prevent or manage high blood pressure and it can even decrease your chance of developing diabetes, arthritis and some cancers. Low impact exercise can also be beneficial if you’ve been diagnosed with cardiovascular disease. Of course, if you have a diagnosis, you want to discuss your exercise program before you start. But, just because it’s not high impact doesn’t mean that low impact exercise can’t be heart healthy. It may be the type of exercise you need to help you maintain and benefit from a regular exercise program.

You’re Going to Increase the Feel-Good Feeling
Both your body and your brain like exercise. Your brain is going to reward you by producing serotonin, the chemical that helps you relax and improves your sense of well-being. Regular exercise will let you face the world with more confidence. You’ll have more energy. You’ll sleep better. Mood swings will decrease. Low impact exercise is exercise and it’s going to give you the benefits without the damage to joints or the discomfort high impact exercise can cause.

Yes, It Will Help You Lose Weight
High intensity, high impact may burn calories faster, but low impact exercise will help you reach your weight loss goals, too. Think of it this way. A pound is 3500 calories so to lose a pound every week, you have to cut your daily calorie intact by 500 calories each day of the week. However, is you burn 300 calories by riding a bike for an hour, you only need to cut your calorie intake by 200 calories and that may be a much easier way for you to lose those extra pounds.

Low Impact Exercise + Technology = Spot Reduction
If you don’t know about HYPOXI, you’re going to like what you can learn. HYPOXI has been proven in over 50 countries around the world to do what you may have thought was impossible – get rid of those stubborn areas of fat on your tummy, thighs and hips. It’s an exercise salon that has just reached the American shores, but comes with a great pedigree. There are over 80 HYPOXI studios in Australia alone – and think how good those Australians look on the beach. Simply, HYPOXI uses state-of-the art vacuum and compression technology to draw more blood flow to trouble spots while you do gentle, low impact exercise. That blood flow ramps up the weight loss in the problem area, so you can see real results right where you want them. Low impact exercise is healthy and good for you! Low impact exercise at a HYPOXI studio can give you better health and spot reduction. It’s a win-win!