Why Full Lips, Wide Eyes and an Hourglass Figure Are So Attractive to the Opposite Sex

Why Full Lips, Wide Eyes and an Hourglass Figure Are So Attractive to the Opposite Sex

Women seems to instinctively know what features make them beautiful – and, surprisingly, men seem to naturally agree. There’s a reason – these three features have someone else behind them, Mother Nature. Here’s why.

1. The Hourglass Figure. The scientific term is that wide hips are a sexually dimorphic trait. They widen during puberty. And, they widen for one reason – to make childbirth both easier. Consider those hips a sign of fertility. And, their attraction to men? Part of the reproductive drive. But, what about the small waist? It shows that estrogen is active – more fertility signals. Higher estrogen levels tell the woman’s body to store fat in the breasts, hips and bottom – not the waist and stomach. So, put it together and you have an hourglass figure as decreed by Mother Nature and you have men being attracted because Mother Nature loves reproduction.

2. Full, Red Lips. It’s not a filler – it’s your genes! Full lips are a signal of good genes. They are a sign that your jaw has grown correctly and is properly aligned. That, in turn is a good sign of genetic health. You may have noticed that full lips and great teeth that are nice and straight all go together. It’s Mother Nature signally potential partners that you are genetically sound. And, the red? Well, when primates become sexually aroused a “girl” primate’s lips are infused with blood and turn red. So, maybe that sexual attraction dates to our earliest ancestors.

3. Wide Eyes. It’s that reproductive thing again. Big, wide eyes are a feature shared by babies and children. Your eyes are fully “grown” at the age of 7. Big eyes in a woman bring out that protective side of the male. Plus, you are perceived as younger – a good quality in a child-bearing mate. Put it together and you have great parents. A protective Dad and a young Mom who can keep up with those kids. Mother Nature is setting the stage.

Whether you believe that reproductive science is what has led humans to value these traits or not, you want to look your best. So, put on that pretty, wide belt. Add some lipstick (maybe not too red so you don’t send the wrong signal). Then, if you’re tired of mascara that runs and wipes away, make an appointment at a lash extension salon. You’ll get those thick, beautiful lashes that will make your eyes look both beautiful and big. And, science aside, that big-eyed, beautiful framed eyes are a feature that the man in your life loves.