How to Enhance Your Lashes for the 5 Eye Shapes

Enhance Your Lashes for the 5 Eye Shapes

You want your eyelashes to look beautiful. You don’t want clumps of mascara or eyelashes that really don’t enhance your personal eye shape. Here are tips for both false eyelashes and eyelash extensions that will make your eyes stand out because they’re perfectly framed by the right eyelashes.

1. Deep Set Eyes: If your eyes are deep set, you don’t want them to get lost under the weight of the brow bone. For false eyelashes, you want long lashes so they can stand out. So, when you pick your false eyelashes look at length. The same is true of eyelash extensions. Your expert technician will look for longer eyelashes and, probably, eyelashes with a little less curl to pull the lashes away from the curve of the brow bone. A full set will do the trick – don’t go too glam as it’s easy to make deep set eyes look overdone.

2. Round Eyes. If your eyes have the same height and width, they’re round! You can turn them into very attractive cat eyes with the right lashes. For false eyelashes look for winged and wispy. Your eyelash extension expert will probably use longer lash extensions at the outer corners to create a cat eye look that also looks very natural.

3. Monolids or Single Lidded Eyes. Because these eyes have just one crease, they tend to look smaller. For false eyelashes, look for less dense and fluffier. If you to an eyelash extension salon, they will apply both short and longer extensions for a result that is dramatic but natural.

4. Hooded Eyelids. A layer of skin that sits over the crease makes your eyes look smaller. You need to create an illusion of depth to bring out the beauty of your eyes. If you’re going to do it yourself, look for a false lash that tapers at each end and is longer in the center. Your eyelash extensions will follow the same pattern, but since they are applied individually you can get the exact custom look you want.

5. Almond Eyes. Go for it! Your eyes have a longer, oval shape that makes them very dramatic and beautiful. You can use almost any type of eyelash. For falsies, look for a crisscross on the strip to create volume. Let your technician – and your preferences – be your guide at the eyelash extension salon. Longer in the middle will make your eyes look wider, but you can also handle glam eyelashes that are very thick and full. You have the advantage with eyes that are easy to highlight.

If you think that adding lashes would make the shape of your eyes lovelier, but you don’t believe that you can find the right false eyelash and apply it successfully, try an eyelash extension salon. You’ll never look like a caterpillar just landed; you’ll look like a natural beauty. And, you’ll look like that 24/7 – even when you wake up in the morning. No mascara needed! Visit an eyelash extension salon for a consultation and have the beautiful lashes you’ve always wanted day in and day out.