Different Things People Use to Fall Asleep

Different Things People Use to Fall Asleep

Evidently, man has been looking for a better way to sleep across the centuries. From ancient to modern, here are 4 sleep ideas. Maybe one of them is the one that will help you drift off into dreamland.

1. Dream Catchers: A Native American tradition a dream catcher is designed to let you sleep soundly while enjoying your good dreams and to catch any of the bad dreams and nightmares that might interfere with your sleep. Based on the belief that dreams fly through the night air, a dream catcher is hung over or near the sleeping person. It’s a web-like design in a hoop – often decorated with feathers. The dream catcher has a “hole” or circular opening in its center to let the good dreams in while the web catches the bad dreams so they can’t disturb the sleeper. Believe – and it just might work!

2. White Noise: This is a modern one! White noise is the combination of every frequency within the range of human hearing. The theory is that it is a consistent sound. Consistent sound is not what wakes us up – it’s the inconsistent sound. The baby cries. The neighbor comes home both late and noisy. These inconsistent sounds are what jolt us awake. You can by white noise machines or you can get soothing sounds like the ocean to provide the consistent sound to keep you asleep. Some people swear a running fan will work!

3. Lavender: The scent of lavender was thought to be an aphrodisiac in the middle ages, but by the 17th century the scent of lavender was recognized as a scent that was “especially good for all griefs and pains of the head and brain,” according to a London apothecary. That certainly sounds like a recipe for a good night’s rest. Today’s science backs it up. A modern study that compared people sleeping in a room with lavender scent infused against a group sleeping in a room where almond scent was infused backed up lavender as a sleep aid. The sleepers reported their sleep as 20% better in the lavender room. Another study had participants sniff lavender before bed and, in this case, monitored their brain waves. After sniffing the lavender, the study showed participants slept more soundly. This one is easy – you’ll find a variety of lavender sprays, lotions and bath products. Worth a try!

4. Trouble Dolls: A Guatemalan tradition, trouble dolls mimic the advice of many of today’s sleep experts. Put your troubles aside. Today, they say write them down and then let them go. The trouble dolls are much more fun. These tiny figures come “dressed” in bright yarn outfits and are usually packaged in a bag or colorful straw box. Have a problem? Pick the doll that looks like they can handle it. Take it out of the box and “give” the doll your troubles for the night. You can now sleep soundly. These charming dolls are great for a child who might experience night time anxiety.

It’s something we all want – a good night’s sleep! Whether you rely on white noise or a little doll, make sure you settle down on a comfortable mattress. The ancient straw or horsehair models just won’t work so go modern. Take a look at latex mattresses online and take note. You can have one of the most highly recommended mattresses for full-body support at a great price – and delivered to your door. There’s no magic in that – you’ll find good American construction that helps you get the rest you need.