British Mother Tests 2 Non-Invasive Spot Reducers – HYPOXI Wins

British Mother Tests 2 Non-Invasive Spot Reducers – HYPOXI Wins

What Are HYPOXI and Cool Sculpting?
Two relatively new procedures are giving men and women a chance to get rid of troublesome bulges that seem to refuse to go away. One is HYPOXI, a system that has proven its worth in over 50 countries around the world and has landed on the American shores. HYPOXI combine low impact exercise with vacuum and compression to offer body sculpting. The other is Cool Sculpting, the non-invasive use of cold to kill fat cells. Neither involves anesthetic or a knife!

How HYPOXI Works
HYPOXI was developed by an Austrian sports scientist, Dr. Norbert Egger. He found that the areas where it was hard to lose weight – the tummy, thighs and behind – are areas where there is not much blood flow. He worked on a method of increasing the blood supply to those areas to create better weight loss. It worked. HYPOXI offers body sculpting without a knife. The method uses compression and vacuum technology while you do gentle exercise. It’s as simple as stepping into the HYPOXI apparatus and doing something like pedaling a reclining bike. The fact that HYPOXI only requires low impact exercise makes it more available to women who may not be able to do a hard workout in a gym. But, they still get (as you’ll see below) great results.

How Cool Sculpting Works
Harvard scientists noticed the sunken cheeks of children sucking on popsicles. They started investigating and found that cold kills fat cells. Cool Sculping was the result of their work. Cold is scientifically applied so it does not harm the skin but chills the underlying fat and kills it. The fat cells are naturally expelled by the body over time. The plus is that the cells are dead and gone. Cool Sculpting requires several treatments to work and the full results can take as long as six months to show up as you have to give the body time to do its work. The procedure is non-invasive and can target the areas where a person most wants to lose the bulge.

An English Mom Tries Them Both
An English Mom did a trial of both methods. She found that Cool Sculpting was not uncomfortable except for a matter of seconds. She had multiple treatments in the stomach area and only one session on her inner thigh. She noticed no changes in the treated area of her thigh, but saw results in the tummy area after 9 weeks. Unfortunately, while she had hoped that the results would continue to improve, she reported that, for her, they did not. She had been told she might get a 25% reduction, but the establishment where she went for the procedures discouraged taking measurements. Instead, told her to judge by the fit of her clothes. Unfortunately, she did not get the result she expected or the result she had been told to expect. She called the loss in her tummy “a slight difference.”

The Mom also went to a HYPOXI studio. She used a compression suit and light cycling in the HYPOXI compression suit. The machines she chose (she used two different ones) targeted the lower stomach, hips, bottom, thighs and lower back. Each session lasted 30 minutes. She also used the HYPOXI dermatology machine to detoxify her skin. She reported good results with both procedures. She said that her skin became “glowing” and she felt “amazing”. But, what about the target weight loss? The Mom tried 3 sessions a week for 4 weeks – a total of only 12 sessions. Her words, “I fit into a pair of jeans I wore before I had my son four years ago! Jeans that I wasn’t ever able to get passed my thighs.” Overall, she lost 20.9 cm with 6 coming off her tummy and 4 coming off her hips – plus, weight loss in her waist, bottom, legs and knees. She felt that HYPOXI delivered the results they promised and saw the only downfall as trying to fit in 3 sessions each week to her busy schedule. To her, HYPOXI was a clear winner over Cool Sculpting and her results proved it. Plus, HYPOXI was much less expensive. While her six sessions of Cool Sculping cost her over $5,000, she spent just over $300 for all the HYPOXI sessions.

You Can Sculpt Your Body
The technology has arrived. Now women can have the look they want without liposuction or surgery. What diet alone couldn’t do, these two new techniques can. Investigate your choices and see if you can finally achieve the shape you’ve always wanted!