6 Ultra-Glam Tips for New Year’s Eve

Ultra-Glam Tips for New Year’s Eve

Step outside of your usual look. Make this the New Year’s Eve when you’re as shiny and bright as the ball in Times Square. Here are 7 things you can try that may be a departure from your usual everyday or, even, party look!

1. Be Bright. If you usually embrace a natural look, be bold! Break out – or go buy – a rich red lipstick. It’s the Taylor Swift look and it’s going to be just as becoming on you! Just remember if you’re highlighting your lips with that bright red, tone down the rest of your make up with a neutral face and just a bit of icy eyeshadow. You’ll be stunning but not overdone.

2. Fine Metal. It’s not just for your eyes. Give your face a metallic shine. Choose a bronzer that’s one shade deeper than your complexion. You’ve just created a bronzy canvas so keep it going. Use a metallic eyeshadow to highlight your eyes. Match it all to a dress with metallic highlights or put on your highest metallic heels.

3. Be Loose. Rather than trying for an elaborate hairdo, think about a tousled French twist. It’s ladylike – but with a sexy finish. Make it look effortless instead of perfect. It’s a great hairdo for a strappy dress and dramatic, dangling earrings.

4. Glitter and Gleam. It’s the night to go all out. Be brave. Give yourself some sparkle. This is the night when you can wear that wild glitter eyeshadow. Consider pairing it with gold lips – yep, you can buy gold lipstick. Another glittery idea is to create your usual smoky eyes and then liven them up with some gold glittering eyeshadow.

5. Bat Your Eyelashes. You can go with false eyelashes, but eyelash extensions can give whatever eye makeup look you choose the perfect finishing touch. You want drama? Eyelash extensions come in rich colors. Is purple your choice? What about two-tones? They have those, too. Or, if you’re going all out with those bright red lips go natural, but with thick, luxurious eyelashes that are the icing on that icy eyeshadow.

6. Be a Jewel. Jewel toned eye makeup is a bit much most of the time – but not on New Year’s Eve. Wear it on your upper lid, but be sure to line it under your eyes, too. Pick emerald green, cobalt blue or amethyst and pair them with a nude or light pink lipstick so your eyes can be the center of attention. It’s party time!

Spend some time with beauty magazines. Check out the looks on Pinterest. Find tutorials on YouTube. Make New Year’s Eve your night to dazzle. Start out with an appointment at your lash extension salon because whatever look you decide to wear on your eyes you want to frame it with eyelashes that can make your come-hither look a success.