5 Ways to Be a Successful and Happy New Franchisee

Ways to Be a Successful and Happy New Franchisee

It may feel like all or nothing, but as a new franchisee, you want to find balance. Here are 5 tips to help you get off to a strong start – and still enjoy life.

1. Treat your Staff Right! Your staff is, in many ways, the face of your business. Treat them with respect and make sure they treat each other with respect. Rotate boring jobs to keep everyone happy. Provide timely reviews and raises. Keep your staff informed so they know about new promotions. Listen to their ideas – they’re on the frontline.

2. Be Involved in the Community. This is a feel-good way to build business – and, it’s not hard to accomplish! Sponsor a youth sports team. Create a charity event or choose a community charity to support. Give your staff the time off needed to be involved in events like Habitat for Humanity or a clean-up-the-park day. Aligning with your community will give you name exposure and create goodwill.

3. Be Enthusiastic. You’re the leader and you’ll set the tone. Be the cheerleader for your staff. Get excited about new promotions or new offerings. Greet you customers with a smile – and, whenever, possible call them by name. Encourage your staff to follow your lead and reward them for their enthusiasm. Make your franchise a happy place with satisfied customers and clients and a cheerful, hard-working staff. You set the example!

4. Stay in Touch. Your franchisor; l’l and other franchisees are all members of the same team. Communicate! Send an email. Make a phone call. Get involved in training classes. Attend regional meetings and other franchisor events. Share your successes and don’t be afraid to ask for help from other successful franchisees. They may have already solved a problem that you’re facing for the first time. Be a team player!

5. Don’t forget Family and Friends. You may be working long hours, but make some time for the people you enjoy and love. Share your new life with them. Acknowledge that your family may be making sacrifices so you can succeed. Carve out some special time to enjoy your family and your friends. They’re supporting you so don’t neglect them.

When you start a new franchise, you’ll probably be working long hours and feeling a little stressed. Put that stress aside by giving yourself some pats on the back. Even when it’s hard, keep that smile on your face for both your customers and your employees. Take a break and enjoy your own life – your family and friends. Even during the busiest times, make some time for yourself. Find balance and make both your franchise and your personal life a success!