5 Ways Infrared Saunas Work and How They Help Your Good Health

Ways Infrared Saunas Work

If your idea of a sauna involves stepping out of a very, very hot box and running through the snow, think again. Like everything else, technology has come onboard to improve the experience and the results. Try a state-of-the-art infrared saunas. Here are 5 things to know about the benefits of using this technologically advanced sauna.

1. How an Infrared Sauna Works. An infrared sauna uses invisible light — infrared wavelengths — that heat the body instead of putting the body in a heated space. It’s dry and it’s cozy. Think of it as like being warmed by the sun. Your body absorbs these rays to create “resonant absorption”. The heat vibrates water molecules in the body so that they break down. You perspire and release toxin. An infrared sauna decreases the water in the perspiration and increases the toxins being released.

2. Here’s What an Expert Says. Richard Beever, a clinical assistant professor in the Department of Family Practice at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver says that evidence “suggests a number of benefits…including effects on systolic hypertension…and clinical symptoms of congestive heart failure, premature ventricular contractions, brain natriuretic peptide levels, vascular endothelial function, exercise tolerance, oxidative stress, chronic pain…and chronic fatigue”. Whew! That’s a lot of benefits. Plus, he notes “no adverse events were reported.”

3. It can Help You Lose Weight. You know about the benefits of sweating it off – but how about doing that while you relax? Heating up your body in an infrared sauna is reported to help with taking off pounds and inches as the heat burns calories.

4. It Detoxifies. The infrared sauna increases the amount of toxins that are excreted – and then sweated away. These include toxins in your liver, kidneys and, even, your hair. It helps expel harmful environmental toxins, insoluble chemical residues and heavy metals. It gives you whole body detoxification. Plus, it is shown to reduce your stress and help you look more youthful.

5. It Boosts your Immune System. An infrared sauna may increase the production of white blood cells while it removes toxins for a stronger immune system. It helps your body produce heat shock proteins which stimulate your immune system. It will help control chronic infections, flu, sinus and allergy symptoms and help fight germs and bacteria.

The Finnish started using saunas for their health in about 1112 – and the fact that they still use them today is a testament to the good they do for the human body. Now, technology has improved the sauna. There no 160 to 200-degree heat for your body to endure. Instead, you get more efficient results while you stay more comfortable and relaxed. Where can you find an infrared sauna? Check out places like the HYPOXI studio which is known for cutting edge technology to help you be thinner and healthier!