5 Ways to Feel Positive About Your Body

Feel Positive About Your Body

Don’t do it! Don’t put yourself down because your shape isn’t as shapely as you’d like. Learning to like ourselves is a huge step towards happiness. If you don’t have a positive body image, try these 5 tips!

1. Make the Mirror your Own. Instead of focusing on the negative – and, often, exaggerating it, focus on the positive. OK, your thighs are a little bigger than you’d like, but you have beautiful, slim ankles and glossy hair. Learn to look for the things you like instead of the things you don’t like. Train your mind to have positive thoughts about that important person – you! So, when you pass a mirror, give it a wink or a nod or a wave. But, make it your friend and an object that reflects positive things about you.

2. Treat Yourself like You’d Treat a Friend. If a friend came to you complaining about her shape, what would you do? You’d list the good things about her and tell her not to be silly. Do that for yourself. Give yourself compliments. You’d like a flatter tummy, but this new outfit looks great. You’re a success. You had a great day at the office. You’re raising a wonderful family. Think of the important positives in your life and that tummy won’t be your focus.

3. Be Creative. Think of all the things your body can do. It can dig up the ground so new plants grow and flower. The touch of your hand can make someone feel loved. Put your body to work. Get out and dig in that flower bed. Turn up the music and choreograph your own happy dance. Fix that sticky drawer. Praise yourself and your body for all the things you accomplish together.

4. Be an Art Lover. And, see all the different shapes of women that have been immortalized in famous paintings and sculptures. The womanly body comes in many shapes and sizes and those shapes and sizes have been celebrated across the centuries.

5. Get Moving! Take action. Get moving! Take a brisk walk or turn on some music and dance because nobody is watching. When you move, you create endorphins that are the feel-good hormone. You can also check out your options to make your body the body you want. Today, there are different ways to sculpt your body and one might be right for the part of your body that makes you unhappy. Love the way you look right now, but don’t be afraid to make changes.

One new way to sculpt your body is by using compression and vacuum technology. Weight loss is harder in places that don’t have much blood supply – your tummy, thighs and bottom. By drawing blood to the area, you can get the spot reduction you want. Find this spot reduction technology at a HYPOXI salon around the world. It’s something that can help you love your body.