5 Tricks for Beautiful Eyes

Tricks for Beautiful Eyes

Your eyes are the window to your soul – or, at least, your feelings. They can say “I’m interested” or “let me be”. They can enhance your beauty. It’s all in the tricks of making your eyes beautiful. Here are 5 ways to enhance your eyes.

1. Color. You see the photos in the magazines and you love all those bright eyeshadows and the drama they create. But, how do you make them fit into your life. Face it, that drama doesn’t go to the office or the family’s favorite restaurant. Still, don’t walk away. Mix a color with your neutrals and you’ll get a glimmer of that color to enhance your eyes, but you also get a go-anywhere look and very beautiful eyes.

2. Brows. Maybe your eyebrows have always been so light that they’re almost invisible. Or, maybe they’ve thinned with age. Still your brows frame your eyes. They’re an important element in your beauty. Make them beautiful. Start with an eyebrow brush. Brush your eyebrows to find the gaps. Now, fill them in with short, hair-like strokes. You’re not done with the brush. Brush your eyebrows again and pull the color through to avoid that painted on look.

3. Smile. A genuinely happy smile includes your eyes. They crinkle up and, unfortunately, that can leave those hated crow feet. Use an eye cream with retinol and hyaluronic acid to plump those lines and help them disappear. Not enough? Botox, Dysport or Xeomin shots will also help. There are also lasers and injectable fillers. The best bet – start early with a good eye cream and keep them at bay as long as possible.

4. Shimmer. You really don’t outgrow it. A bit of shimmer brightens your eyes. Plus, they add some texture to your eye makeup. Be age appropriate. If you’re older, stay away from bright metallics. Applying a moisturizing cream will help keep that shimmer from shifting or clumping. Don’t be afraid to let your eyes shine!

5. Eyelashes. They frame your eyes. They’re downright sexy. But, if your eyelashes are sparse, don’t despair. You can start at the makeup counter and a really good mascara. You can apply your own false eyelashes. Don’t forget the eyelash curler because lashes actually get straighter as you age so that alluring curve will also make you look younger. If you can’t get false eyelashes to look natural or you just need more help to have beautiful, sexy lashes, consider eyelash extensions. They work – beautifully!

Make your eyes beautiful. Follow these simple tips, but if you’re still uncertain you can achieve the look you want. See a professional. From the makeup counter and those clever makeup artists at your favorite department store to a studio that can apply eyelash extensions that will give you a longer-term fix, don’t neglect your eyes. They are one of the most important features in creating a beautiful you.