5 Tips from Diet Pros that Could Help You Succeed

Tips from Diet Pros that Could Help You Succeed

From the mouths and pens of pros, here are 5 strategies to consider if you need to lose some weight. Getting ready to diet using these tips – and getting any help you need – may be the road to reaching your goal weight.

1. Know Why! Be specific. Really look at your motivation to lose pounds. Is it so you can play tag with your kids? Do you want to look more fit and professional at the office? Are your health numbers – like blood pressure and sugar – spelling an unhealthy message that you want to change? When you know why you want to lose, it won’t just help you get started; it will help you overcome the plateaus and slips that happen to most people when they diet. The more specific your motivation is the better. Just wanting to “lose weight” doesn’t tell the story. Motivate yourself by examining your reasons to drop those pounds.

2. What Gets in the Way? Here’s another bit of self-knowledge that can help you reach success. Are you an emotional eater? Do you come from a family where most members are overweight and is it hard for you to lose pounds? Yes, heredity can play a role. Do you simply succumb to eating high-calorie desserts or snacks because they taste good – and they soothe you? Take a hard look at how you eat and arm yourself with that knowledge as you start your diet plan.

3. Write it Down! Be precise and don’t cheat. Keep a food journal. Look at the days when you don’t follow your plan – whether that plan was prescribed by a diet expert or one you made for yourself. Look for the days when you fail – and what caused that failure. Find that one habit – a soda with lunch? – that may be sabotaging your efforts. As you continue to diet, that journal will be something that makes you proud as you see yourself sticking with it and the pounds coming off.

4. Have Goals besides Losing. Think about setting small, reachable goals that have nothing to do with the scales! They can be food related – like the day you finally manage to drink all 8 glasses of water. Or, they can be fun like the day you and your kids rode bikes around the neighborhood. When you reach one goal, set another. Climbing the stairs to the second floor easily? Add another floor! Small reachable goals will help you stay on track and since they don’t involve how much you’ve lost, they can keep you motivated by helping you realize that losing weight is creating good, and fun, habits.

5. Plan! Trying to diet without a plan makes success very hard. You can design your own plan or you can go to a medical weight loss center or you can join a diet group – but have a plan. Knowing exactly how you’re going to walk the path to weight loss will make it easier for you to stick with it and get back on track if you’ve had that bad day.

Another great tip – get help if you need it. You can join an online group that supports each other. You can join a weight loss plan. If you think you might need more than that, consider a medical weight loss center  where you have the help of a medical doctor who is a weight loss specialist. Plus, they have a highly trained staff who can give you the help and support you need! Medical weight loss centers can prescribe weight loss prescriptions – pills or shots – to give you a fast, motivating start and make dieting easier! It may be your path to success!