5 Tips to Have Beautiful, Healthy Eyes

Tips to Have Beautiful and Healthy Eyes

It’s said that mascara is the one beauty item women don’t ever want to do without. Women know instinctively that beautiful eyes are very important. Here are 5 ways to keep your eyes shining and healthy!

1. Get your Zzz’s. Try to get that recommended 7 or 8 hours each night. Going to bed and getting up at the same time each day will help you establish a schedule that allows for the rest you need. And, that good night’s rest will keep those dark circles and bags away so your eyes look their best.

2. Don’t Strain your Eyes. We’re a society of screens and that can leave your eyes dry and red. If you work on a computer, take breaks. Take a walk around the office. Leave your desk and go do that filing you’ve been avoiding. At home, set down the smartphone or the tablet – give them and your eyes a rest. Don’t forget the eyedrops. You want to keep your eyes from drying out so if you have lots of screen time, use those drops.

3. Exercise! Exercise is good for all of you – including your eyes. Exercise will help boost your energy. It will help keep you toned. It can help you reduce or maintain your weight. Spend some of your exercise time in the fresh air. It will put a glow in your complexion and give your eyes sparkle.

4. Put on the Shades. You want to protect your eyes from UV rays. You don’t want the fine lines that come from squinting in bright light. Plus, those lines make you look older. When you buy sunglasses, go big. You want ones with larger frames to give your eyes maximum protection. If you live in a sunny climate, treat them like sunblock – don’t leave home without them.

5. Avoid What you can Avoid. Environmental irritants are hard on our eyes. They can leave them dry and red. Whenever you can, avoid that smoky room. Use an air purifier to get rid of allergens in the home. Don’t forget to change your air conditioning and heating filters so they can do their job. If you have a problem with red eyes from irritants or allergies, use commercial eye drops. They’ll reduce the red and make your whites look whiter to help give you that bright-eyed look that makes you look beautiful.

When it comes to having beautiful eyes, don’t forget your lashes. But, you can forget that runny mascara. No woman wants racoon eyes! Think about visiting an eyelash extensions salon. They’ll apply eyelashes extensions to your natural eyelashes. You leave with the thick, long eyelashes you’ve always wanted – the ones that frame your eyes perfectly! You can go glamourous or flirty. They’ll find the extensions that are perfect for you. Best of all, you’ll wake up with beautiful eyes every morning – no fuss, no mascara.