5 Thoughts About Why the Japanese Diet Might Stop Disease

Thoughts About Why the Japanese Diet Might Stop Disease

If you love Japanese food – and avoid the Tempura deep-fried things – you may be on the road to a diet that helps prevent disease and makes you healthier. Here are 5 reasons why.

1. Low Cholesterol. Forget your fried chicken or your chicken fried steak! Saturated fats are almost unknown in Japan. Add less red meat but a generous helping of ginger and you’re getting healthy. Ginger is known to reduce cholesterol and it tastes so good!

2. Omega 3. Love your sushi – you should! Fish contains omega-3 fatty acids which are attributed with many – a lot! – of healthy benefits.  Omega 3 is thought to improve brain function while it helps prevent some of the more serious health problems. Omega 3 is thought to help prevent cancer, painful arthritis and debilitating heart disease. That’s a very good thing. As an American lover of Japanese food, you probably won’t reach their daily helping of fish, but what you do eat is very good for you.

3. Nutrient Rice. Rick is high in nutrients and, we’ll admit it, calories. However, rice is a great replacement for filling up on bread or potatoes or meat. The “okazu” or “side dishes” to the rice are usually very low in calories and good for you. Think of that grilled chicken and those veggies.
So enjoy your rice!

4. Soy. Soy is just about everywhere – soy sauce, edamame and miso all have soy. This is another food thought to lower cholesterol – and also to lower blood pressure. It’s high in protein and low in fat. It may be anecdotal, but many a menopausal woman will say it also helps fight hot flashes. Now, that’s a cool benefit.

5. “Hara-hachibun-me is a Japanese proverb that we could all learn. It means that if you eat until you are completely full, you are probably overeating. A happy stomach is a stomach that’s 80% full. Could be – eat less and live longer?

If you love Japanese food, you’re in luck. Not only does almost every city boast an amazing Japanese restaurant, more and more you’re seeing quick serve restaurants – think healthier, fresher food in a hurry – that feature Japanese food. These Japanese hot spots put an emphasis on Bento boxes, rice bowls and sushi. Healthy, fresh and fast – what could be better?