5 Things Women Who Have Worn Eyelash Extensions Say About Them

Things Women Who Have Worn Eyelash Extensions

You’ve envied the next-door-neighbor and, even, her 6-year-old daughter. They were born with the eyelashes you always wanted. Now, you can have them – the eyelashes of your choice. Any look is possible with eyelash extensions. You’ll have the look you want – naturally thick and curling eyelashes. Here are 5 things women with extensions shared about their experience with eyelash extensions.

1. Confidence. She’s worn them for 6 years and says that never having to worry about racoon eyes from dripping mascara and getting compliments on her lashes both make her feel great about herself. Note, this respondent is Asian and always wanted bigger eyes. Her eyelash extensions help make her eyes dramatic – a look she loves.

2. Smile! Another respondent in her late forties makes a great point. You smile with your mouth – and your eyes. She pointed out that people don’t realize her eyelashes have extensions unless she tells them, but they helped bring her smile alive.

3. Your Lashes. If you’ve worried that having eyelash extensions might hurt your own lashes – don’t. You want to find an experienced extension technician and, then, relax. Your extensions will be attached to your own eyelashes and will follow the pattern of your natural lashes which fall out and are replaced. You’ll want to have your extensions filled in on a regular basis about every three weeks. The fill-in application is less expensive and less time consuming. One wearer noted that you begin to think of the extensions as your own lashes – but your own lashes will remain the way they always were if you give up the extensions.

4. The Morning. Women with eyelash extensions comment on how wonderful it is to wake up feeling beautiful. The morning routine is quicker – no mascara, no eyelash curler. The women reported they worried less about makeup because their eyes are already looking beautiful. One says that it’s just lip gloss and go.

5. Wearing Them! The women who talked about their extensions had worn them for six and more years. They obviously find them worthwhile. They noted that you can be active, work out and sweat — and still have those beautiful lashes. One reported that she was “forever addicted”.

Eyelash extensions take away worry. They won’t fall off or get crooked like strips. They enhance your eyes naturally. As one wearer said, “No one ever can tell they’re fake”. If you think they might be for you and you’re looking forward to highlighting your eyes without mascara, follow the good advice of these wearers. Find an established eyelash extension salon with experienced technicians. They’ll help you find the right look for you. And, maybe, you’ll become forever addicted, too.