5 Things You Want to Change about Your Appearance – and Can!

Things You Want to Change about Your Appearance

It’s a great big beautiful world and today there are all kinds of procedures that can help you be your most beautiful with less work and no worries!

1. Tired of Shaving and Waxing? If you feel like the hair on your legs or under your arms (or anywhere on your body) grows faster than anyone else’s, you can change that. If you’re tired of the red bumps left by your razor or dread your next waxing to remove hair, today you can get rid of that hair. Lasers kill the hair follicle. It will take several appointments, but the day will come when the areas you want to be sleek and hairless, will be.

2. You just can’t get rid of the Love Handles. Or, any problem spot on your body. You don’t want to go under the knife or do liposuction. You want something easier that will solve your problem. A recent discovery will – CoolSculpting uses cold to sculpt your body so you get the shape you want. You just relax and let the trained technician bring on the cold! But, be ready to buy that new bathing suit. A bikini?

3. You know you’re Happy but your Frown Lines say you’re not. Today’s injectables can solve a multitude of problems. Botox will freeze your muscles so that frown line disappears. Or, you can plump up your cheeks to give you that younger, fresher look. You can get of or reduce those marionette lines from your nose to your mouth. Injectables replace fullness that has been lost with age. They can even stimulate your own collagen production to keep you looking your best and some procedures last up to a year.

4. You loved the Sun – a little too much. You have sun damaged skin. Your complexion is uneven. Maybe you have old acne scars. And, let’s talk about those fine lines and, even, wrinkles. Talk to an expert because you can embrace both change and choices. From chemical peels to laser treatments, depending on the strength of the procedure you can simply refresh your skin and get glowing or you can reduce wrinkles and acne scars. You’ll be amazed at the choices – and they don’t involve going under the knife.

5. You want to be Kissed. And, you want your lips to be full, plump and very kissable. There’s an injectable for that. One that will leave you looking natural but with fuller, more beautiful lips. So, get your game on!

There’s so much to do today. So much more than a nightly skin cream or over-the-counter beauty products. Call a medical spa – overseen by an MD and a professional staff – and make an appointment to discuss what you want and how to get there. Medical spas create beautiful, artful results every day. They’re the experts. They’ll evaluate your skin – and your wishes – and tell you what results can be achieved. Your grandma would be very jealous!