5 Things You May Not Know About Wrigley Field

Things You May Not Know About Wrigley Field

The Cubs — Wrigley Field – Chicago! It’s baseball time. So, go in like a pro; hit 300! Here are 5 facts about Wrigley Field to make you look like an expert.

1. Prayers Might Work. If you’re praying this is the year for your “Cubbies”, it just might work! Before Wrigley was build, the site was the home of a Lutheran seminary. The seminarians moved out because they thought the elevated train was too noisy. What would they think of the crowd’s cheer when Kyle Schwarber hits a homer?

2. Little Guys Have Their Own. Little Leaguers in Freeport, Illinois play on “Little Wrigley Field”. It’s got it all – to scale – including the brick wall. Maybe you want to catch a game at both Wrigley fields? There’s one you can’t get to – that’s the one in Los Angeles that was also named Wrigley Field. It’s gone, but it was there in 1925 when William Wrigley built it for his minor league team.

3. Only A Golf Ball. No baseball has ever hit the Wrigley Field scoreboard since it was installed in 1937. But, one famous name scored a scoreboard hole-in-one. Hall of Fame golfer Sam Sneed teed off from home plate and his drive bounced off the famous scoreboard. That was in 1951. It hasn’t been hit since.

4. Bring In The Clowns. Or, at least bring in the elephants. Wrigley Field has been a multi-sport venue that has hosted everything and everyone from the Chicago Bears to a competition of the Norge Ski Club – the jump was from where today’s press box is short center field. And, the elephant’s gate? Yep, it brought in elephants for a circus. Today it stands open so fans can look in to see what’s happening on the field.

5. It’s A Field Of Firsts. Hats off to Wrigley Field. It was the first venue to allow fans to keep those foul balls. Charlie Weeghman, owner of the field in 1915, was trying to show he was a man of substance who could afford to lose a ball or two or more, but he started a tradition that every fan who comes to a game with a fielder’s glove appreciates. Another first – Wrigley was the first venue to plan a benefit game or a day honoring an organization or an individual. All the Booster Days, Flag Days and other days have followed.

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