5 Things That May Be Keeping You from Losing Weight – And, How to Fix Them

Things That May Be Keeping You from Losing Weight

You want to lose weight. You know you need to lose weight, but even though you try, it’s just not happening. So, you give up. Here are 5 things that may be keeping you from losing the pounds you need to lose.

1. It Worked Before. Maybe when you were younger, you tried a crazy diet plan and it worked. Maybe you ate nothing but beef broth and spinach or you tried the grapefruit diet or anything else. When we get heavy and when we age, quick fixes may not work. Our bodies are different; our schedules are different. Plus, we may have many more pounds to lose. Don’t try something that you think worked before and give up when it doesn’t work now. Instead, talk to a weight loss professional like a bariatric doctor and find new ways to get rid of that extra weight.

2. You Eat to Comfort Yourself. You eat to celebrate. Emotional eating is a habit that can be hard to break. If you’ve ever sat down with a bag of chips or a pint of ice cream because you’ve had a very bad day, that’s emotional eating. Get savvy. Learn to voice your frustrations. Call a friend or a relative. Get it out. If you want to keep it private, write in a journal. And, when you’re done, think of what your next step will be. You’ve got a plan. Now, put that frustration, pain – or, even, joy – in perspective instead of opening the fridge.

3. It’s Not All or Nothing. And, that’s one of the reasons many diets fail. You fell off the wagon. You ate the donuts – more than one – in the breakroom. You had a fattening dinner and followed it with a scrumptious but calorie-ridden dessert. Get over it. One day does not the end of a diet make. Realize that there is need to turn a bad day into a bad week or to turn a bad week into a bad month. Acknowledge that you made a mistake and that tomorrow is a new day. Don’t let a mistake signal the end of a diet.

4. You Just Lost a Couple of Pounds. It’s discouraging. You feel like you’re working so hard at cutting calories and being healthy, but the scale isn’t reflecting your effort. Or, you’ve hit a plateau. Here are two ways to handle it. Accept that even a slow loss is a loss and keep going or get motivated by talking to a professional about a quick-start weight loss plan. They exist and they work.

5. A Diet isn’t a Quick Fix. Acknowledge that when you reach your goal weight, your diet hasn’t ended. Hopefully, you’ve learned to eat healthier and exercise more. You’ve got to keep it up. A diet plan that includes maintenance and help after you’ve shed the pounds is ideal. Know that you’ve made a commitment to a healthier you – not a lifetime of yoyo dieting.

If you can’t work on these 5 things by yourself, get help. See a weight loss specialist. You’ll find that a board certified bariatric physician heads up many weight loss clinics. They’re a good place to start. They’ll help you personalize a diet that can include both a fast start and ongoing help even after you reach your goal weight. Some medical weight loss clinics even have a psychologist on staff if you need help to understand and overcome your weight loss problems. Don’t give into just accepting that you are overweight or obese. You can do something about it. Tackle these 5 diet busters and get the help you need.