5 Things that Make You Sexy

Things that Make You Sexy

What makes you attractive? Is it the off-the-shoulder blouse? Is it the cleavage you’re so carefully showing off? Scientists will tell you it’s a matter of scientific attraction. There are triggers that may be universal. Here are 5 things they say make you sexy.

1. Facial Symmetry. It’s not just humans – female swallows prefer males with tail feathers that are symmetrical. A symmetrical face is a face that is “equal” on both sides. Scientists can actually define the numbers that make a face symmetrical. Why is it more attractive? It has been thought that it shows good health and that an asymmetrical face is evidence of something going “off track” during a pregnancy. However, this may not be the case at all. It could be there is just a natural attraction of the symmetry. Beyond being thought as sexy and beautiful, a person with a symmetrical face is also thought to be more agreeable and likeable. Reasons may be unknown, but facial symmetry is judged as good looking.

2. Blonde Hair: Darwin couldn’t explain it although when early man migrated north when the ice was retreating, being blonde and light skinned allowed for more penetration of UV light which helped synthesize vitamins – so maybe being blonde was healthier. And, since blonde hair tends to darken with age, being blonde could be a sign of youth. Do blondes have more fun? Questionable! A Scandinavian study said brunettes were considered more attractive.

3. Eyes: This one is not expected. It’s the limbal ring that tallies as sexy. What is it? It’s the outline where the white of the eye meets the colored iris. It’s another signal of youth – which, of course, is a signal of fertility. The limbal ring lightens with age so humans instinctively find that young, dark limbal rings attractive.

4. Eyebrows: Eyebrows are being ranked as more important than previously thought. Studies have shown that they are an important part of facial recognition. You meet – you remember, because of the eyebrows! Now, that’s a good thing, but eyebrows also express emotion. Maybe seeing and reading those emotional signs is what is making eyebrows part of natural beauty.

5. Eyelashes: Long, curling eyelashes are a universal sign of beauty. They are the frame for your eyes and compliment those eyebrows. Surveys show that men are attracted by a woman’s eyes…and the eyelashes accent the eyes. They also play a role in the instinct attraction – wide, open eyes signal youthful (and we know that signals fertility) – and lashes can make eyes look wider and more open.

Women seems to instinctively know what makes them attractive. Don’t believe it? How many of the blondes you know are true blondes? There’s now even hair growth prescriptions for those eyebrows. Eyelashes have gotten easy! No mascara; no worries! Today, you can visit an eyelash extension salon and leave with lush, long eyelashes. You choose the look from playful and natural to glamorous and sexy. Every woman knows the tricks to make her attractive and eyelash extension are a new tool to use so she wakes up beautiful and leaves the mascara in the drawer.