5 Things You Should Know if You’re Getting Eyelash Extensions

Things You Should Know if You’re Getting Eyelash Extensions

You can have the thick, long beautiful eyelashes you want – and, face it, the eyelashes that no mascara can create if your own eyelashes are lacking. Here are 5 things you should know about getting those eyelash extensions.

1. You Have To Keep Your Eyes Closed. Sounds like heaven? Not really. It takes about 3 hours for the procedure and you have to keep your eyes shut and quiet. Start making a mental list of everything you have to accomplish in the next couple of days and you’ll be rewarded by twitching eyelids and a technician who asks you to be still. Can you say nap? It might work but staying quiet for 3 hours is not an easy thing – but the results will be well worth it!

2. You Have Choices! You can choose for a long, thick exotic look or a natural look that enhances your eyes in a subtle, beautiful way. When you go for your visit, take some time and look at all the choices. There are different lengths, different thicknesses and even different colors. You could rock purple or go with a ombre look with colored tips to catch the light. Have fun with your selection.

3. They Take Care. When you leave the eyelash extension spa you’re going to have beautiful eyes and care instruction and tools. You’ll need to comb the extension daily with a special brush. You’ll have to go 24 hours or more without getting your new eyelashes wet. Buy those makeup remover pads – use your old cotton balls and you’ll be picking lint off your new eyelashes. Consider sleeping on your back or with your eyes off the edge of the pillow to make your eyelash care easier.

4. Yes, They Fall Out. You lose your natural eyelashes and as the eyelash that the extension is tied to falls out so does the extension. You can fill in with mascara or you can schedule regular “fill-in” appointments to keep your new lashes looking full and lovely.

5. Speaking Of Lovely… You’re going to love the way your eyelash extensions open up your eyes. You’ll look more rested, more alert – younger! You’ll get compliments – even if you choose a natural look that is not very obvious. Eyelash extensions are a wonderful way to make your eyes more expressive – more lovely and we all know “the eyes have it”.

Interested? Call an eyelash spa with experienced eyelash technicians who can guide you through making choices and create the right look for you. And, here’s another hint – load up your iPod with an audio book and your favorite, relaxing music and you’ll get through that 3-hour stretch with your eyes closed and quiet. Then, you’ll open them up to the new you and the look you’ve always wanted.