5 Things to Know About Getting Botox

5 Things to Know About Getting Botox

What’s it like to get Botox? What can you expect? Will it work? How? Here are 5 things you want to know if you’re thinking about becoming a first-time Botox user.

1. Does It Hurt? What’s it like to get Botox? It’s easy and quick – and almost painless. Expect the procedure to take 10 to 15 minutes at the most. It’s a simple injection with a small needle so it’s just going to be the prick of a needle although some spots may be a little more sensitive than others. Even if you’re needle-phobic it’s quick and easy. You may have some mild red spots at injection sites but they will probably be gone before you leave the medical facility. And, no worries, they are easily covered by a little makeup if you want to head straight back to the office. No one will know!

2. How does it Work — and How Fast? Botox works by weakening the muscles that were injected. Wrinkles are caused by the contraction of the muscles that causes the loose skin around them to wrinkle. As the muscles relax – so do the wrinkles. Don’t expect to see the results the first time you look in the mirror – it takes one to two days for the Botox to work. Then, you’ll love that mirror.

3. Botox doesn’t Interrupt Your Life. Most cosmetic procedures have a downtime. Surgery means swelling and healing. Deep laser or chemical peels may leave you red and peeling for a day or two – or longer. Botox lets you return to your life immediately with no downtime. It’s quick. It’s convenient. It gives you good results.

4. Start by Practicing Moderation. We’ve all hear of Botox face – a mask that just doesn’t look natural. That doesn’t have to – and should never – happen. First, start with a moderate amount of Botox. You can always do a little more. Go for experience. You want to visit an office or medical spa that administers Botox on a regular basis so that you get the professional results you want and never look “frozen”.

5. Botox is Safe. Botox was approved by the FDA almost 30 years ago, and no serious side effects, let alone fatalities, have been reported. In short, it’s safe. It works. It’s convenient. Relax – no worries!

If you’ve been considering getting Botos injections, your first step should be to visit a medical spa or office that serves Botox clients on a regular basis. Ask for a consultation from an experienced technician. You’ll get a professional assessment of what Botox can do for you. Each individual is different so you want that expert opinion! Then, it’s right for you, make an appointment, get your injections and in just two days enjoy the new you!