5 Things to Know About Fat

Things to Know About Fat

You may know you want to get rid of it. You may know that those extra pounds you’re carrying around are plain and simple fat. But, what else do you know about fat? Here are 5 things to know.

1. Yep, it Doesn’t Weigh as much as Muscle. You’ve probably heard this one from someone who is looking better but is tipping the scales at the same number. They may say “I’m building muscle” or you see an athlete who looks very fit and marvel that they weight more than you would have thought. Muscle weighs more because it is dense and compact when compared with fat. Strength building exercise can help you build muscle and still look lean! Another fact — muscle also burns energy (and that means calories) faster than fat. Fat stores and conserves energy. A pound of muscle can burn up to 10 calories in a day when you’re at rest – fat will only burn 2 or 3 of those calories.

2. If You Lose a Pound, What Happened to the Fat? Your body took it away. When you have the necessary food so you aren’t starving, your body literally absorbs the weight you lose. It converts it to carbs for energy and then your metabolism turns into heat, water and carbon dioxide. You breathe that carbon dioxide away.

3. Belly Fat is more Dangerous. It puts fat around internal organs and that can lead to weight-related diseases like Type II diabetes and increases the risk of heart disease by 3 times as much as a person of normal weight. This risk of dying from any cause is doubled.

4. You have more than One Kind of Fat! There’s the bad fat – the white fat cells that store fat calories for you to use in the future. Except, we often don’t ever need to “use” that stored fat so it just sticks around. But, there’s brown fat which stores fat temporarily as a fuel source to generate heat. Recent studies show you might be able to turn white fat into good brown fat – science is working on just how to make that happen.

5. What about the Fat I Eat? Well, it’s fat! A gram of fat has about 9 calories while a gram of carbs or protein only have about 4. It was believed that fat added texture to food and that texture would carry the taste of the food so you could enjoy it more. Recent research from Purdue University is showing that fat may have a taste all its own. It could be an addition to the bitter, salty and sour tastes. Fat does make food taste good – but watch and limit your intake because it’s loaded with calories.

You don’t want to eat too much fat and you definitely don’t want to risk your health by carrying around too much of your own fat on your body. Get the help you need. Whether you join a local diet group, get help online or get a personalized diet and prescription diet medicines from a medical weight loss center, start on a path to get rid of the extra pounds – the fat that can hurt your health.