5 Things to Know About Eyelash Extensions

Things to Know About Eyelash Extensions

Thinking of having beautiful eyelashes all the time? You can – eyelash extensions can give you the look you want. Whether you want to go thick, full and glam or would rather look flirty and natural, the eyelash extension technician can create the look you want. Here are 5 facts about getting eyelash extensions.

1. How Many? How Long? That decision is pretty much yours. You can pick a look and you can count on the experience of the eyelash stylist to create that look – without harming your natural lashes. She’ll make sure you don’t go past the thickness and length that is safe for your eyelashes. On average, about 70 lashes are applied to each eye. Think how thick and lush that will make your natural eyelashes. You’ll also get the right “look” for your eyes. Want cat eyes? Lashes will be longer at the outer corner. Want a wide-open look? Think about lashes that are longer in the middle. Enjoy looking at the different looks, discussing them with the expert stylist and then choose the look you want.

2. Long, but Sparse? Thick, but short? Your eyelash extension expert can make longer eyelashes thicker or shorter lashes longer. Your extensions are designed for you. Do you have blonde, light eyelashes that almost disappear – darker extensions make the beautifully visible. Your eyelash extensions are problem solvers that make your eyes the best that they can be.

3. Want Cat Eyes? It’s the most requested look at eyelash extension salons. But, not there is a difference not just from individual to individual but from country to country. Australian ladies like a flatter, longer look while Europeans like curled up and curvy. You make your own choice!

4. Bring a Picture. If you have a picture of yourself with full makeup and a look you like, bring it as a guide. You can also bring in photos of different eyes with the different eyelashes that you find most attractive. Your salon will probably show you even more choices, but come in with an idea of what you want!

5. More is Less. The first application of eyelashes can take about 3 hours. It’s not painful and you’ll find yourself relaxing and, even, napping. But, it is an investment in time. (Refills will be much less time demanding.) However, you’re going to get those hours back one day at a time. The morning rush becomes less rushed – you wake up with beautiful eyes. Some lip gloss and, if you want, a swipe of shadow and you’re out the door. Your significant others and even your friends are going to notice that you are always ready to go – without a lengthy wait while you put on your makeup.

If you’re thinking about eyelash extensions, find a salon that can offer you stylists that are expert and experienced. You’ll be thrilled with your amazing results – and your amazing eyelashes.