5 Things to Help You Select the Right Eyelash Extensions

Select the Right Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash extensions mean you can have beautiful lashes– with no mascara – from the time you get out of bed in the morning until you turn in at night. Before your appointment, know these 5 things about eyelashes to give you a good starting point on the ones you’ll choose.

1. You Start with Your Real Lashes. To a small extent, they dictate the eyelash extensions that will work for you. If your eyelashes are already thick, you can make them thicker. If they’re already long, you can make them longer. You’re going to make your already pretty eyelashes amazing. If your eyelashes are short or thin, you’re going to notice a really big difference. However, remember that your natural eyelashes are the base so you’ll want to go with eyelash extensions that are a little finer and shorter. Curled extensions add maximum volume!

2. Look Wide Eyed Every Day! Look alert and in charge – even on the days when you didn’t get a good night’s rest. When your eyelash expert focuses the extensions on the center of your eye, you can forget that tired morning look. No Monday blahs for you. This technique also makes your eyes look bigger and gives them more “pop”.

3. Cat Eyes without Makeup – or with it. That choice can be yours. If you want to add a little wing to emphasize your eyes even more, talk to your technician about the proper way to apply that eyeline and go for it. But, you won’t need to get out the cosmetics. Cat eye extensions are applied to create a more oval look that makes your beautiful irises the center of attention. Your eyes are beautifully framed – with or without that little wing drawn on in the corner.

4. Drama Anyone? Your eyelash extensions can be totally dramatic, creating a doll eye. With a mix of shorter and longer lashes that curl upward, you have WOW! If you love the dramatic, you can even have extensions with colored highlights. Think navy or violet. But, remember, eyelash extensions are semi-permanent – they only fall out in the natural cycle of losing your real eyelashes. So, super dramatic may be great for a vacation or a wedding or a special event, but keep in mind you still will be wearing them on Monday at the office.

5. Be You! Think about the look you want to create. Do you want to look like the girl next door or the red-carpet star? Ask yourself if the look will work for you every day of the week through all your different activities. Try on your look with makeup. For more mature women, you may want a finer extension without too much length. Guy – yes, they get ‘em, usually go for shorter and finer lashes. Listen to the experienced, professional advice you’ll get at the salon. When you find your look, you’re never going to want to be without your extensions and your beautiful eyes!

When you decide to get your eyelash extensions, go to an eyelash extension salon – that’s where the experts are. It’s their business so you’ll have the advantage of their experience and knowledge. Just lie down and relax and when you look in the mirror, you’re going to be excited and amazed by your beautiful lashes and eyes!