5 Things to Compare that Will Show You the Value of Residential Fire Sprinklers

Things to Compare that Will Show You the Value of Residential Fire Sprinklers

There a reason that fire sprinklers are known as fire-suppression systems. They put out fires and they can save lives. Over 3,000 civilians die in house fires yearly. A fire sprinkler system could save many of those lives. Compare these 5 facts and you’ll want a fire sprinkler system in your new home.

1. Escape Time. It’s estimated that a fire turns deadly in just 3 minutes. That means you have to have yourself, your spouse and your kids outside in less than 3 minutes. That’s why fire officials tell you just to run and not to worry about possessions. When there is a fire in your home, get out fast!

2. Time To Respond. It takes the fire department an average of 9 to 12 minutes to a fire – and in some locations as much as 15 minutes or more. A home can be fully engulfed in 5 minutes. If you do the math, you realize that you’re going to suffer a big loss before the firemen can unroll their hose. A fire-suppression system can put out a fire in as little as 90 seconds.

3. Water Damage: Forget the Hollywood movies that show people running through a wall of water when fire sprinklers go off. That’s not how they work. Each sprinkler is activated individually by the heat (not smoke from the burned toast). The spray about 15 to 20 gallons per minute and somewhere between 80% and 90% of fires are put out by just one sprinkler. Water damage in a home with fire sprinklers is $2,200. Compare that to the fire departments numbers. They are pumping about 250 gallons of water into your home every minute. Water damage costs average $45,000 – not to mention the hole they put in the roof.

4. Cost: Residential sprinkler systems are not that expensive. The average cost nationwide is $1.35 to $1.61. For a 2500 square foot home, that works out to an average of somewhere between $3000 and $4025. Now, you know how fast you can spend that much on building options that won’t save your life. Some people might say that the fire-suppression system is downright cheap. Plus, you may save money on your homeowners’ insurance policy!

5. Your Contractor Has The Help He Needs. If your contractor is uncertain about how to choose a fire sprinkler system, try www.starterpaq.com, there’s help there that will makes sure you get the right system for your home. Don’t let a contractor who hasn’t done it before or feels uncertain talk you out of this safety feature.

You want your family to be as safe as possible. So, if you’re building a new home or having a home built, ask for a home fire-suppression system. Insist on your safety.