5 Reasons Why Women Want Long, Full Eyelashes

Reasons Why Women Want Long Eyelashes

How much time do you spend making your eyelashes look full and long? Do you curl? Do you apply mascara by the coat? Most women say mascara is the one cosmetic that they would choose if they had to choose just one beauty aid. So how do women feel about having long, thick eyelashes? Here are 5 reasons they love their lashes.

1. They know it’s Universal. Beautiful eyes are a symbol of beauty everywhere in the world and across the centuries. Having long eyelashes that frame the eyes make the eyes seem bigger and more alert. And, those big, alert eyes are connected to youth and fertility. That’s science – our eyes never grow so when we are younger they look bigger and brighter. It’s almost a “built-in” attraction.

2. The Eyes are at the Top of the List. When men are asked what attracts them to a woman, eyes are mentioned frequently – very frequently. Survey after survey has shown that eyes attract a man to a woman. Women know this instinctively and that’s why they don’t leave home without that mascara!

3. You Frame your Favorite Artwork. And, eyelashes frame a woman’s eyes. They may protect your eyes from wind and flying objects large and small, but a woman puts more emphasis on what they do to make her eyes – and her – more attractive. That’s why every woman wants full, long eyelashes to frame her eyes.

4. Eyelashes make a Woman Look Better. Whether it’s a photograph or the big meeting, women know that when their eyes look great, they look great. In a photo, being able to see the eyelashes is important. At the big meeting, you do some talking with our eyes. That wide, open look makes you appear more honest and forthright. Simply, great eyelashes show off your eyes – and that shows off your confidence!

5. Eyelashes are a Beauty Shortcut. It’s the reason that women rank mascara as one of their most important cosmetics. When a woman’s eyelashes are looking great it makes the rest of her makeup much less necessary. The eye is naturally drawn to the eyes and when the eyes have it – a woman is ready to go!

If you agree that eyelashes are one of the most important beauty marks – but you have sparse, light eyelashes that are barely visible. You may spend way too much valuable morning time trying to darken them, thicken them and curl them. Think about one of today’s solutions – eyelash extensions. You choose the look from flirty and natural to glamorous. They look natural because they are applied to your existing eyelashes. You wake up with the beautiful eyelashes you’ve always wanted and if you’re running late, you head out the door without a stop to apply your makeup. Best of all, you look great!