5 Reasons to Consider a Career as a Massage Therapist

Reasons to Consider a Career as a Massage Therapist

This may be your dream job. Weigh the advantages and see if being a massage therapist is the career you’ve been hoping to find. Here are 5 reasons to consider when you are planning your future.

1. You Get All The Skill Training You Need To Find A Job When You Graduate. There’s no internship needed. You will have studied musculature, anatomy, physiology, kinesiology and all the different massage techniques. You will have had the practical, hands-on training so that you have the confidence to know that you are ready to take your place as a skilled professional.

2. You Can Become A Licensed Professional. Again, your massage therapy school will help prepare you to take the tests necessary in your state so that you are ready to join a profession that is respected by everyone from other health professionals to the clients who come to you. You aren’t an aide or a technician; you are a licensed massage therapist and will be admired as such.

3. Work Somewhere Wonderful. Resorts hire massage therapists. After all, those skiers need to get ready for the next day and you can work in the middle of snow-capped mountains. Not your favorite climate? What about a tropical resort? Want to see the world. Cruise ships have massage therapists and you could be one of them. What about working in a spa? Or, maybe your ideal location, is a medical facility where you can put your skills to work helping people who need you. You have choices!

4. You Can Work For Yourself. Many massage therapists are self-employed. You can work out of your own home or visit your clients in their homes. You get to set your own hours. You’re in charge of your career and your life!

5. Relax At Work. Massages are given in peaceful, relaxing places. Music may be playing softly in the background; a scented candle may be burning. You don’t have ringing phones or the noise and stress of office work. Best of all, your clients look forward to seeing you – it’s a very pleasant experience for them and for you.

If having multiple options when you finish your schooling appeals to you – if you want a secure future in a field that is experiencing increased demand year after year, then investigate a massage therapy school in your area. Your future may be waiting for you!