5 Reasons Sushi is Popular in the USA

Reasons Sushi Is Popular In The USA

Do you love it or does it make you say “yuck”? Sushi has become an American favorite. But, why? If you’re confused about how sushi made it in America, here are 5 reasons why.

1. It’s Easy! Whether you’re sitting at the sushi bar watching a master chef put together beautiful sushi rolls or picking it up at a fast, casual restaurant, sushi is easy to grab on the run. It’s a finger food that is easy to eat. That sticky rice holds it all together so you can enjoy it on your lunch hour and return to work without any telltale stains on your clothing.

2. It’s Healthy. Although you do have to make the correct choices. Salmon and tuna are great choices because they’re low calorie and packed with protein and omega-3s. Watch out for the rice – think sashimi – as it is usually made with sugar. Veggie sushi is a good way to get your veggies on the fly. Watch for sodium content when you order. A good rule – keep your sushi simple and you’ll keep it healthier.

3. A Taste Explosion. Sushi combines a variety of tastes from sweet to spicy. The tangy rice and nutty sesame seeds each has a distinctive flavor. Plus, we didn’t grow up eating sushi. The fact that it’s an “exotic” food makes it fun to eat! Enjoy tempting your taste buds with new flavors!

4. Variety. They say it’s the spice of life and variety is a hallmark of sushi. First there are three different types of sushi. Sushi wraps the ingredients into a roll. There can be vegetables along with the rice and fish. Sashimi is just the meat, usually fish, sliced and beautifully served. While the fish is usually raw, in some dishes it can be cooked. Nigari is a compromise – both the fish (or meat) and the rice, but forget the roll. The ingredients are served on rice. Those are the types. The ingredients – your choice! From fish to meat, from veggies to fruit, you have to find your own favorite.

5. Young and Fun. Sushi comes complete with some “status” that’s all its own. It’s on the upscale side of eating out – even when the price is affordable. It’s not something Mom served you at the dinner table. It’s adventuresome and it’s been embraced by the younger generations. Doesn’t that make it even more inviting?

Whether you’re a sushi veteran who can order your sushi like you were born to it or just thinking about giving it a try, try a fast casual restaurant. You’ll have your sushi (and maybe a bento box) to take with you or you can sit down and enjoy. It’s a great place for beginners to get started as they’ll have the most popular choices!