5 Reasons Men Lose Weight Faster (at the Beginning)

Reasons Men Lose Weight Faster

Sometimes, it feels like it’s just not fair. A man and a woman decide to shed some pounds by working together. Suddenly, his scale is moving and he’s looking better while she still feels stuck. Here are 5 reasons why it happens.

1. Women Respond to Cravings more than Men. Women are more likely to be emotional eaters than men. In a study at the Brookhaven National Laboratory, researchers found that when tempted with the sight and smell of pizza and cake, women were more attracted to the food than men. Even when they were instructed to think of something else, they remained focused on their favorite. Other research also showed that women were more likely to eat in response to stress with emotional eating than men.

2. Biology Plays a Role. Women bear children. Estrogen keeps the body prepared for becoming pregnant and for childbirth. It also makes it harder for a woman to burn energy after eating according to a study at the University of New South Wales. Women have up to 11% more fat than men naturally. It has to do with keeping those curves that make them ready to become a Mom.

3. Muscles Burn more Calories. And, men have more muscles. That gives them another edge. The extra fat that is natural to a woman burns calories slower than those manly muscles. It works to give men a faster metabolism. Plus, men have about 10 times more testosterone than women and that testosterone works to increase the synthesis of protein and create more of that calorie burning lean body mass. Even a man’s resting metabolic rate is higher than a woman’s.

4. Men get off to a Fast Start. When men and women are both using popular weight loss programs from those that cut carbs to the ones that offer meal replacements, the men were way ahead at the 2-month mark according to the British Journal of Nutrition. They noted men lost twice the weight and three times the body fat than women at that stage of dieting. Remember, it does even out.

5. Men look Slimmer Quicker. A woman’s fat is likely to land around her bottom and her hips. Men carry more fat around their belly so when they lose it, it is more immediately apparent than the gradual slimming of a woman’s natural pear shape. The women get the bigger advantage though as belly fat is more likely to be tied to disease.

No matter whether you’re a man or a woman, being overweight harms your health and saps your energy. If you are substantially overweight or obese – man or woman – get the help you need to shed those pounds. Choose a diet group or get a consultation at a weight loss center. A weight loss center can help you reach your goal with a personalized diet, prescription diet aids and understanding support – all under the care of a doctor who is a weight loss specialist. More and more men and women are realizing that when they’re in it for the long haul and want to finally find success, they can’t be afraid to ask for professional help.