5 Reasons You May Not Have Thought About, but Help Explain Why Losing Weight Is Hard

Why Losing Weight Is Hard

Sometimes trying to diet makes us feel like a failure. Those pounds just don’t come off – and, if they do, they don’t stay off. Here are 5 reasons that help explain why losing weight can be difficult.

1. Your Body Can Work Against You. It’s a scientific fact. As you lose weight, your body makes less leptin. Leptin is the hormone that says, “stop eating – you’re full”. Just when you need it most, it decreases and, worse, the hunger hormone, ghrelin, increases. Your body is primed to hang on to those fat cells and fill them back up. Your body makes losing weight and keeping it off more difficult. In some ways, dieting is fighting Mother Nature.

2. It’s a Circus – a food circus. Food is on every corner that has a fast food drive-through. It’s a staple of TV commercials. Grocery stores are packed with tempting food and the checkout lane has candy bars at fingers’ reach. And, it starts young. The bodies of 60% of 4 to 5-year-olds have already lost the ability to self-regulate food intake. You are surrounded by food and that gives you a lot to overcome.

3. Were You Born Impulsive? Impulsivity is a genetic trait and it plays a role in what you eat. Can you stop after just one? Does the whole plate of cookies disappear before you even realize how many you’ve consumed? When you eat impulsively, you tend to eat more. It’s genetics, and you have to conquer it with mindful eating.

4. Blame the Supermarket. The “supermarket” diet pushes foods that are high in sugar, saturated fat and sodium. An experiment with mice proved it. They were taken off their standard rat diet and then fed foods from the supermarket – they gained weight. They lost it when they returned to their normal diet, but it may be easier for rats to lose weight than humans. Read packages and beware of high sugar, fat and sodium foods. Stick to the fresh, real foods like those beautiful veggies and fruits.

5. You have to Decide. It seems impossible but the average person makes about 200 food choices each day. That means the will power to self-regulate with every choice is a must. At the end of a stressful, hectic day, it’s hard to say no to that sugary drink or that tempting dessert. You have to be strong about 200 times each and every day.

Knowing what makes dieting difficult may help you succeed – but, you may need more help to watch those pounds disappear. Consider a consultation at a medical weight loss spa. You’ll find medical grade diet medicines, a fast start to get you motivated and an understanding staff that will keep you on trace and keep the pounds off when you reach your goal. If you’ve struggled with losing pounds, a medical weight loss spa may be the answer to finding success.