5 Odd But Entertaining Things in To Do In Chicago

Entertaining Things in To Do In Chicago

Business trips are only as fun as you make them. So if you’re going to Chicago for an extended stay and you’ve checked out the lake and the shopping and the parks, here are 5 things that could happen during your visit or you might choose to give a try.

1. Big Joe’s Turtle Races. Yes, you read that right. In Chicago, you can attend a turtle race and maybe come home a winner! Now, as you’d expect, you’ll find this in a bar. Pace yourself – every drink comes with a raffle ticket and we know you want to be a winner, but, remember, you have the sober duty of cheering your turtle to victory. You’ll be assigned a reptilian friend, either Chucks, Lola, Doozy, Swisher, Jolanda or Lucky Dan. If your turtle the fastest in the group, you win a free tee shirt and if it’s the last place finisher, you’re not out of luck. Last place scores a free drink.

2. The International Museum of Surgical Science. OK, it may be a little macabre in places. Didn’t you always want to see a skull that had a lobotomy? It’s a division of the International College of Surgeons. The museum features themed exhibitions and also boasts a contemporary art advocacy program. Think of how exciting the water cooler will be when you tell everyone about “Beyond Broken Bones” or, if that’s over, another themed area like “Wound Healing: Ancient Wisdom and Modern Technology”. Go online for a list of current and coming attractions.

3. The Scav Hunt. This one is put on as a four-day scavenger hunt by the University of Chicago in May. What are they looking for? Of course, this year’s list is still private, but past lists have included everything for a live elephant to a Stradivarius. One list had a breeder nuclear reactor
and a team actually built one – alas, they came in second.

4. No Pants Subway Ride. This one is put on by the Improv Everywhere so if you get on the L and see a lot of pants-less riders, you probably are commuting on the No Pants day. We’ve seen the photos and not a tighty-whitey in sight.

5. Pert Cleaners and the Antique Fabricare Museum. You’re going to have dry cleaning, right? So make taking it in an event. Get your clothes cleaned inside a museum. You can check out everything from antique ironing boards to old-time soaps. Don’t miss the steaming machine. If you have to go to the cleaners – do it the Chicago Way at Pert (not at those turtle races).

Of course, if you’re a sports fan you make be choosing between the Cubs and the White Sox for your afternoon off. Make your extended stay a real Chicago experience. There’s so much to see and do and it will all be more fun if you choose a corporate apartment in Chicago, that can put you in an apartment or suite that will be exactly right for you. You’ll enjoy exceptional surroundings and savings. Try it and don’t forget you may want to be pant-less on the L.