5 Nutritional Myths

Nutritional Myths

Today Show played myth-buster. A dietitian addresses 5 popular beliefs. And, yes, they’re all myths.

1. Eating lots of Protein will Help you Lose Weight. That’s a yes and a no. Eating a little more protein may help you reduce, but eating only protein and no carbs isn’t an answer. In fact, that approach of eating animal protein – beef, chicken and, even, whey – may harm your health by increasing your cancer risk. Protein does help you feel full, but one study found hunger was better controlled by proteins like beans and peas. Balance you diet with micronutrients and eat plant-and-fish sources about half the time.

2. Raw Gives You more Nutrients. Again, it’s a yes and a no. Some food – like broccoli – are better used by your body if they’ve been steamed. Other work better if cooked. Believe it or not, tomatoes are one of those. Raw is good, but study up because a bit of heat may be better.

3. Sometimes We Don’t Know. Take coconut oil. Right now many people are waxing ecstatic about its benefits. The problem is that there really hasn’t been enough research to back that up. On the other hand, strong scientific studies have already shown that olive oil, nuts, seed and fatty fish are very good for humans. There’s nothing wrong with skipping an unproven ingredient and relying on the proven or making sure you eat both.

4. A Cleanse should be taken Once a Month. Think about your liver – it’s doing a cleanse every day. Your liver likes nutrient-dense food and isn’t as fond of sugar. It also prefers that you keep a healthy weight. Rely on – and help – your liver detox with a healthy diet and the expensive cleanses don’t need to be part of your life.

5. Breakfast is — is not — Important? Studies have shown that breakfast helps children succeed at school, but when it comes to adults, the verdict isn’t in. Past studies aren’t as conclusive as once thought. So, send the kids off with a full tummy, but eat when you are hungry. Focus on making it a healthy meal instead of when you eat it.

Good nutrition is an important part of good health, but having a healthy weight is also important. Being overweight adds to the risk of diseases from heart disease to diabetes and cancer. If you need to lose a significant amount of weight, get the help you need. Good nutrition might not be enough. Consider a medical weight loss center with a bariatric (weight specialist) doctor at its head. They have it all – prescription diet drugs, personalized diets and the support you need to help you shed pounds. Eat healthy and be healthy – with a healthy weight and a healthy diet.