5 Negative Effects Being Overweight Has on Your Brain

Negative Effects Being Overweight Has on Your Brain

Being overweight is bad for your body – and now research is showing it may be bad for your brain. Here are 5 more reasons to take off those pounds.

1. Your Risk of Alzheimer’s is Increased. Being obese may increase your Alzheimer’s risk by as much as 35% over those of people maintaining a normal weight. Some studies seem to show that body fat increases the number of proteins in the brain. It is thought that may create a cascade of negative events that increase the risk of Alzheimer’s. Another theory is that fat cells release the hormone interleukin and that can cause inflammation that “gunks up” the brain.

2. Obesity May Cause a Decline in Cognitive Function. One study showed that obese women’s brains metabolized sugar faster than women of normal weight. This may harm mental capacity. The women in the study had bariatric surgery and post-surgery their cognitive function tests improved with a notable upgrading in executive function – the part of your brain’s function that includes organizing and planning.

3. Researchers are Still Working. Exactly how being overweight damages your brain is still a bit of a mystery and scientists are looking for answers. One thought is that insulin resistance – which is linked to weight – may cause an increase in fatty acids and inflammation which then impact the brain. Another theory is that visceral fat – that fat around your belly – not only ups your chance of insulin resistance but also produces a stress hormone that could cause a decrease in cognition.

4. Stress May Cause Hunger. Research has also shown that stress hormones may signal hunger. This may cause a person to have difficulty recognizing hunger and fullness which may increase weight. Again, this can lead to that negative chain of events that impact your both your mental and physical health.

5. Inflammation May be Caused by Body Fat. And, that inflammation may play a role in brain-related disease by irritating the brain. Excess body fat and the inflammation it may produce are harmful to your health and may be putting you at risk for the loss of some cognitive function.

These are 5 more reasons why, if you are significantly overweight or obese, you need to lose those pounds. A medical weight loss clinic understands how difficult that can be. They have medical grade diet shots and pills that can help you succeed. More, they’ll work with you to create a personalized diet for you and the way you live. Then, they’ll give you the ongoing support you need to help you conquer your weight problems and get healthy in both body and mind.