5 Historical Facts About Creating Beautiful Eyelashes

Historical Facts About Creating Beautiful Eyelashes

From the first Queen Elizabeth to J. Lo, women have been trying to make their eyelashes perfect. Here are 5 highlights from the history of eyelash beauty.

1. The First Mascara was developed by a name you still know today – Rimmel. Rimmel London Cosmetics are still sold, but did you know they were developed for a queen? Eugene Rimmel was a perfumer to Queen Victoria. Eyelashes were being enhanced by homemade concoctions of oils and, even, soot by women. However, a Queen is, after all, a Queen. Rimmel developed the first mascara for her – a combination of coal dust and Vaseline jelly that wasn’t too different from the homemade products.

2. False Eyelashes didn’t arrive on the scene until the early 1900s. It is said that they were developed by a film director, American David W. Griffith, for an unnamed silent movie star. It took about 3 decades until they became popular in the 1930’s.

3. Another Famous Cosmetic Name, Maybelline, introduced another new idea to beautify eyes with Lash-Brow-Inc., a formula of petroleum jelly and oils that provided a sassy sheen to lashes. Maybelline became a household name and a company that would stand the test of time. The name mascara didn’t happen until 1933 when Maybelline was selling a packaged mascara for 10 cents in drugstores.

4. That Beautiful Curl of eyelashes that enhances the eyes became more available when a relatively inexpensive eyelash curler was patented in 1931. William McDonell,, the patent holder, called it Kurlash.

5. The Choices Grew and between the 30’s and the 90’s women embraced everything from Rainbow Brite mascara to the full, fan-like eyelashes Madonna showed off. In the 1940’s waterproof formulas were developed. Revlon introduced mascara in a tube with a wand in 1958. Advancements in eyelash beauty continued from easier-to-apply false eyelashes to the carefree beauty of lash extensions. Today there are even mink eyelashes as flaunted by J Lo. History proves that women have always known the importance of their lashes. Beautiful eyelashes not only good great, they make a woman feel great.

Today, more and more women are turning to eyelash extension salons for the eyelashes of their dreams. Whether they want a natural look that is fuller and longer than what Mother Nature gave them or a dramatic, sexy look that even comes in colors, eyelash extension mean you can put away that tube of mascara, quit worrying about clumping or running and just enjoy beautiful eyelashes that are carefree!