5 Great Times to Get a Massage

Great Times to Get a Massage

When is the best time to get a massage? Ask any massage therapist and they’ll probably say “any time”. And, that’s probably the right time. Here are 5 times to have a massage that you may not have considered.

1. Before The Pain Starts. Some therapists might say that it’s easier to isolate your pain after it starts, but why not try to prevent it? Massage can prevent muscular pain or prevent its reoccurrence. If you know you have a problem or expect that you’re going to do something to create muscular pain, talk to your massage therapist and see if they can help you stay pain free.

2. A Morning Massage. You feel totally relaxed when you’re getting a massage. You may even nod off, but when the massage is over, you’re not necessarily going to be sleepy. Many massage clients report feeling energized after a massage. It really could be a good way to start your day. A bonus – morning, afternoon or night, you’re likely to sleep better after a massage regardless of what time of day you get it.

3. Before A Big Meeting. Yep, you can have a massage. Leave a cushion of time in between, but a massage before a big meeting or presentation may be the ticket to success. That massage may make you less anxious and get rid of the pre-meeting jitters and it’s going to leave you more focused. Plan a massage then stroll back to the office or go to lunch. You’ll be ready to shine.

4. When You Want To Get Creative. Many massage clients say that getting a massage helps them relax and that gives their mind time to examine new ideas or to grasp new insights. Spend a little time after your next massage writing in your journal or working through a puzzling problem. A massage early in the day may leave you more insightful and inspired.

5. Before Or After That Big Athletic Event? The choice is yours. Massages can be specialized for pre-event and post-event. They can improve your performance or aid in your recovery. If the athletic event allows time, you can even have a massage during the event. You are choosing between improving performance or recovery – but the choice is yours and you can choose both!

Simply, there’s no bad time to get a massage. Morning, noon or night – you’re going to benefit from a relaxing experience that can leave you more relaxed – but more focused. The next time you’re at your massage spa, discuss what you want from your massage with your therapist and get his or her input into when would be the best time for you.