5 Facts About Micro-Needling

Facts About Micro-Needling

You might know it as Collagen Induction Therapy (CIT) or as micro-needling. It’s a way to increase and stimulate collagen production. And, collagen is your skin’s wonder treatment. Collagen improves fine lines, hyperpigmentation, wrinkles and scarring. It smooths and firms. Increased collagen production can give you back your glow and make you look younger!

1. How does it Work? A MicroPen is rolled across the skin. It has tiny, shallow needles that puncture the skin. These “micro” or pinpoint injuries do two things. First, they tell the body that an injury has occurred and alert it to send more collagen to help heal. Your collagen production is stimulated and your skin benefits from nature’s own healing properties. You’re getting firmer, smoother, younger skin!

2. What should You Expect during a Treatment? The expert technician will apply an anesthetic cream to the areas you are having treatment so you will be comfortable during the treatment. The automated Micro-Pen is then applied. The treatment with the pen is followed by a Booster serum. Because of those micro penetrations, your skin will be able to drink in the serum to improve your results. You’ll probably have some redness – a bit like a sunburn – in the treated areas, but downtown is minimal. There is no bruising or swelling.

3. What Skin Conditions will Micro-Needling Improve? Start with fine lines and, even, wrinkles — your increased collagen production will improve them. It will work in sunken areas like acne scars. It will help even out skin tones and give you more glow. It will work on stretch marks. In fact, micro-needling can be used on any part of your body. It can even result in reducing surgery scars. Collagen is called the most vital way to improve your skin, including helping to reverse sun damage.

4. How Long do Results Take? This may be the best part. Collagen production from micro-needling is on-going over a period of time. You’ll probably see an immediate glow, but visible improvement of the skin will continue over several weeks and even for up to six months.

5. It’s the Right Fuel for your Skin. Collagen goes beyond reducing wrinkles, smoothing scars and giving you a more even complexion. It has added bonuses. It actually reduces the size of your pores as it plumps the skin around them. It will tighten your skin as it rejuvenates it. It’s mother nature at her best with a little help from your medical spa.

If you’re not sure about what treatment is best for your skin, let Mother Nature do the work with a little help. Whether you want micro-needling to counteract the damage from all that strong sunlight or if you’re a guy who would like to minimize acne scars with the treatment, you’re going to find an answer in the micro punctures that increase collagen and leave your skin looking younger, smoother and healthier.