5 Facts About Low Impact Exercise

Facts About Low Impact Exercise

You can exercise – you can exercise if your pregnant or if you’re a senior. It’s just a matter of finding the right exercise for you. Low impact exercise can help you stay fit, help you lose weight and it can do it without putting undo stress on your body and joints. Here are 5 facts about low impact exercise.

1. There’s High Impact, Low Impact and No Impact. It’s a matter of how hard your feet hit the ground. High impact includes exercises like jumping jacks, running or plyometrics. Low impact is just what it says. Some describe it as always having one foot on the ground. Think walking, Pilates, or, even, many step aerobics routines. No impact means that your body is supported by a machine or water or both feet are on the ground. No impact would include exercise using a recumbent bicycle or swimming.

2. Remember Newton’s Third Law. It was a simple one – for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. That means your body must absorb the forces of high impact exercise. If a 150-pound person lands on one foot, that’s 300-foot pounds of pressure that now the ankle, knee and hip have to absorb. High impact includes the possibility of musculoskeletal injury – low impact reduces it.

3. Why not Go for High Impact? There are many different reasons some people don’t want to do high impact exercise. Low impact allows those with arthritis or osteoporosis to exercise. It’s good for people who are overweight or obese, pregnant women or those with bone, joint or connective tissue issues. It reduces the risk of injury. It’s less jarring. Low impact exercise that improves core strength may even help reduce injuries for someone who also does high impact exercises.

4. Low Impact doesn’t mean Low Intensity. Intensity is usually used to mean a target heart rate. Don’t confuse high or low impact with high or low intensity. High intensity is usually defined as a heart rate of 75% of max heart rate – that can be achieved with low impact exercise. Think cycling on a recumbent bike – no impact but go as hard as you’d like. Just make sure you take your own health into consideration and have a doctor’s approval before you start an exercise program.

5. No Pain…No Gain. NO! That simply isn’t true. That sore muscle may signal that we finally are using it, but pain isn’t what makes a workout effective. You can lose weight with a program of low impact exercise. Low impact is going to give you those feel good hormones – endorphins. It’s going to help you build strength and get healthier. Don’t refuse to exercise just because a doctor (or your body) says no to high impact – low impact exercise is exercise. It’s good for you.

Low impact exercise just what it says – exercise that’s easier on the joints and body. It works – and, now, it might work even better. HYPOXI has come to America. Popular around the world HYPOXI combines low impact exercise and good nutrition with vacuum and compression technology for spot reduction. That’s right you can use low impact exercise to get those good endorphins and to get rid of that tummy, those love handles and the extra bulge on your behind. It’s a win-win for good health and a more sculpted body.