5 Extra Benefits from Eyelash Extensions Beyond Long and Thick

Extra Benefits from Eyelash Extensions Beyond Long and Thick

You just want to get rid of the mascara and have beautiful lashes, but when you get eyelash extensions, you’re getting more than just thick and long. Here are 5 benefits you may not have thought about.

1. You Look Brighter, More Alert, More Attentive. And, that can help you whether you’re meeting with the boss or flirting with that good-looking guy across the room. Having eyelashes that appear natural, but curl up and frame your eyes in an absolutely perfect way makes your eyes look bigger and brighter. You look more focused when you lock eyes with someone – more alert and wide-awake when you’re on the job.

2. You Get Compliments. When your eyelashes look like they’re naturally yours, people notice and people comment. You get compliments. If your eyelashes are clumped with mascara or look like they could be “falsies”, no one is going to chance a compliment. But, when they look like you were born with them, they’re going to tell you how beautiful they are – and, maybe, be a little big jealous.

3. You Wake Up Pretty. No more rushing to the bathroom because you forgot to remove your eye makeup and now you resemble not a beautiful partner or a pretty mother – you look like a raccoon. One of the benefits of lash extensions is that you don’t need that makeup and when you open your eyes, they’re going to be beautiful – before you get out of bed.

4. They Don’t Fall Out. Yes, they do grow out as your natural lashes grow, but there’s no strip to come unglued. When you’re at the fabulous black-tie event or just at lunch with the girls, you can blink without fear. You don’t have to worry that your eyelash extensions will end up looking like a spider on the table.

5. Au Naturel…. If you really don’t like to put on makeup, eyelash extensions give you a “finished” look without the help of cosmetics. Just put some lip gloss on and get out the door. You save time and you really are a natural beauty.

Women who try eyelash extensions often say they would never go without them again! They work to make you beautiful. Just make sure you go to a great eyelash extension salon with experienced eyelash technicians. That beauty expert will help you select the right extensions for your eyes and your personal taste. You’re going to love them.