5 Bedroom Ideas from HGTV’s Jonathan Scott

Bedroom Ideas from HGTV’s Jonathan Scott

Johnathan Scott shared some of his ideas for a wonderful bedroom with the Today Show. He reminded them that they spend over one-third of our life in a bedroom and that it should be a space that feels like an escape. Here are 5 hints from Scott on how to create a bedroom that takes you away from it all.

1. Ask Yourself, does my bedroom soothe me? It should. Scott says that if you’re not ready to redecorate – declutter! The master bedroom should be an adult room – no kids toys and no “stuff”. Dedicate the room to relaxing and sleeping. Even your artwork should inspire calm and good dreams. It shouldn’t be something that gives you a nightmare or jars your senses. Think uncluttered and calm.

2. Find Yourself –and let your bedroom reflect your personal style. Not sure what that style is? Scott says search for it. That’s what the Internet is all about – good ideas. Browse through all the different decorating sites. You’re going to find thousands of photos. Print or save the ones you like best. Then, you can take your photos to a decorator or you can do it yourself and recreate the looks.

3. Relax With Colors And Light. Neon yellow may say “it’s morning” but it’s going to scream it – all day and all night. You don’t want to be jarred awake – you want a calm vibe that will help you wake up feeling good. Use calming colors like palettes of soft grays, blues, greens and whites. Again, you can use those ideas from the Internet to help you use color beautifully.

4. You Can Do It. Don’t be afraid to DIY – a beautiful bedroom doesn’t have to be a costly room. For example, simple, inexpensive curtains can take center stage if you sew on a patterned border. Scott has done it and created a designer look for about $10 a panel. You’ll find lots of DIY headboards online, too. Pick a look you like and go to work.

5. Your Bed should be the most important furniture in the room and that means it should not only give you a good night’s rest – it should look good. Scott recommends that you buy soft sheets and don’t get stuck on thread-count. Go with how they feel. Blankets and covers should be soft and full – forget thin! He says you’ll know you’ve found the right combination when you walk into the room and want jump into the bed. And, by the way, maintaining that inviting look means making your bed every day.

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