3 Semi-Permanent Makeup Tricks to Help Your Eyes Look Beautiful

Semi-Permanent Makeup Tricks

You want to make your mornings quicker and easier. You want to wake up looking beautiful and you don’t want to worry about reapplying your makeup in the evening. Still, permanent makeup isn’t an option for you. You don’t want something that won’t go away – whether you’re happy with it or not. Today, there are semi-permanent options that might be the right answer. Here are 3 to try.

1. Semi-Permanent Eyeliner. Permanent eye liner is a tattoo. That means it’s there next year and the next year — year after year. There are possible problems. The color can fade or change and you can change! That beautiful cat-eye look that you loved in your 20’s may not be the subtle look you want when you’re climbing the ladder to success in your 30’s and 40’s. Plus, you don’t want the pain. On the other hand, you don’t feel that you’ve ever mastered the art of applying eyeliner that enhances your eyes with a nice, even line. There’s an answer. Today, you can find technicians that can apply semi-permanent eyeliner that will last for about 3 years. That’s 3-years of no eyeliner pencils! You look wonderful 24/7. But, as time passes, you can change your mind.

2. Semi-Permanent Eyebrows. You over-plucked. Your eyebrows are sparse. You’ve watched your eyebrows disappear with age. But, you know that they are one of the most prominent and important features you have. So, you start every day with an eyebrow pencil, trying to use short little strokes that will look like eyebrow hairs. It’s hard to do without creating that drawn-on look and it’s time consuming. Semi-permanent eyebrows are drawn on much the same way, but with a special pen that gives you the look of real eyebrows that will last for about 3 years. Make sure your technician starts by drawing on the shape with a removable pencil so you get exactly the look you want when she or he starts with the semi-permanent application. The fun part – you get the arch you want, a feathered or straight look and you can even go bold!

3. Eyelash Extensions. Women across the centuries have known that lush, thick lashes are the perfect frame for beautiful eyes. You want to be able to bat those baby blues – or browns – without fear that a false eyelash will land in the soup. You want a natural look – not clumpy mascara. Eyelash extensions are applied – one at a time – to your existing eyelashes. You can’t get more natural looking fullness than that! You can choose the shape – longer at the end for cat eyes or longer in the middle for wide-open appeal. The eyelashes do require “refills” on a regular basis about every six weeks since the eyelash extensions fall out in the natural pattern of your own eyelashes, but that keeps your lashes looking long, lush and completely natural!

Give yourself the gift of time in the morning and having wonderful looking eyes 24/7. Nothing feels more glamorous. Make sure that whether you’re looking for eyebrows or an eyelash extension salon that you choose one with experienced technicians. Then, you’ll get the look you want and the freedom to sleep in an extra half hour!