3 Cosmetic Procedures Without the Knife

Cosmetic Procedures Without the Knife

Science is on your side! Today, cosmetic procedures can take years off your looks – without plastic surgery. Here are 3 that are widely recommended. Is one right for you?

1. Chemical Peels. They come in all strengths. A light chemical peel will exfoliate the top layer of skin leaving you looking refreshed and glowing. It will also help increase collagen production to keep you looking great. Many doctors recommend a light peel on a monthly basis – a schedule that mimics the natural “turn-over” rate of younger skin. Stronger peels will address lines and some acne scars. With the stronger peels, you can expect some redness after the procedure, but downtime is still limited. The redness can often be covered with foundation makeup. Benefits of chemical peels include minimizing lines, improving acne scars, improving collagen production, reducing age spots and improving skin tone and firmness. Discuss the strength of a peel with your provider so you get maximum benefits.

2. Botox.Want instant results and be able to return to work? You can get a Botox appointment on your lunch hour. Botox works by stopping muscles from contracting so that wrinkles are softened. It is used to erase forehead and frown lines and crow’s feet around the eyes. It can also be used for forehead lines and neckbands. The paralyzing effect that Botox has on the muscles eventually wears off. It may take a couple of days for you to see the maximum results, butmany users are so pleased with the results that they schedule regular Botox appointments. Ask what schedule would be correct for you.

3. Fillers. Fillers may be an answer you like. As we age, we lose the smooth contour of our skin as we lose volume. We can develop marionette lines, smile lines, folds and cheek drop. Fillers can correct these problems by restoring volume under the surface of our skin. In some cases, they work like a mini-face lift for a given area. Results can last for as long as two years. Fillers can also give you that full-lip look that is so popular.Restoring lost volume lifts and returns a youthful appearance. Look for an experienced provider to help you decide where to use fillers to restore your good, younger looks!

One of the keys to getting the looks you want with peels, fillers or Botox is to find a provider who administers them on a regular basis. These are the experts who can help you find the right procedure and administer it to give you the results you want. Medical spas are a good place to start – they perform these procedures frequently. You get the expertise you need to look your very best!