Know How to Dress for Your Body Shape – and How to Fix Problem Areas

Know How to Dress for Your Body Shape

Understand Body Shapes
The model on the cover of your favorite magazine and your overweight next-door neighbor may have one thing in common. They have the same body shape. Body shape is determined by the way a woman’s bust, waist and hips are connected. It’s a matter of the proportion – not weight. Women’s shapes are universal. None is the best; none is the worst although different shapes have been popular at different times across the centuries and the world. We may not want to be called pleasantly plump, but at one time that shape was preferred because it was a sign of prosperity. Understanding your shape and what flatters it is the beginning of looking your best.

If You’re an Apple…
First, understand that being an apple is more than having a big stomach. About 14% of women are apples. Apples are best described as top-heavy. The bust is three or more inches bigger than the hips. Weight tends to land in the bust and midsection. But, there’s more to the shape. Wide shoulders are usually part of the apple shape, but arms and legs are usually slim.

• How to dress: That old adage, “accentuate the positive” works here. Direct attention away from the center of your body. You want embellishments on the top and bottom – not in the middle. A V-neck is good since it not only takes attention away from the middle; it also elongates the neck. Long sleeves also take the attention away from those broad shoulders and waist (or lack thereof). Clothing that drapes over your curves instead of being fitted is also flattering. Think pants with flare legs – another way to trick the eye.

If You’re a Pear…
You’re apple’s opposite. You are more bottom-heavy – think of a triangle. About 20% of women have this body type. It’s marked by hips that are larger than the bust. Your lower bottom is bigger – it may include a big behind and thicker thighs. Your shoulders are narrower than the apple and may slope. You may be described as curvaceous and your legs may be fuller and more muscular.

• How to dress: You want to add interest and size to your shoulders and bust area. You can probably add a ruffle to your top and may even want to consider a bra that adds to or enhances your bust. Don’t wear narrow or tight pants as they’ll accent that triangle shape. However, don’t go with a big flair. Instead choose pants with a straight leg or a slight flare. Minimize your lower body and accentuate your upper body. And, remember, your shape has been thought to denote fertility!

If You’re a Rectangle…
Opps, you must have been standing behind the door when the curves were passed out. Around 46% of women have this shape. Your waist, hips and bust are not marked by a big difference in inches. Your waist may only be a 1” smaller than your bust. This shape is called boyish as it has less feminine definition. Rectangles are usually blessed with great legs!

• How to dress: Avoid those boyfriend jeans or gender-equal sweats if you don’t want to look like one of the guys. A belt that nips in your waist, ruffles, frills, texture and embellishments can all accentuate the feminine you. Mini skirts and bright tights make the most of your shapely legs. Shape wear and, maybe, a padded bra will give you more curves!

If You’re an Hourglass…
Lucky you! Your hips and bust are pretty much equal in size and your waist is definitely a waist – smaller and well-defined. Your shape is often thought to be the most desirable. You put on weight more evenly so you keep your shape even when you are heavy. Celebrate by looking great.

• How to dress: You are feminine so stress it. Belts that highlight that waist are great. You can wear snug clothes – but stay away from draping designs as they won’t accentuate your shape and may make you look boxy. Tailored clothes – that pencil shirt and tucked in shirt will also look just great.

If Your Shape Suffers from a Problem…
We used to believe that there were problem areas in our figures we just couldn’t address – that bum, those thighs, that tummy. We were wrong. Dr. Norbet Egger, an Austrian sports scientist, realized that all these areas had something in common – poor blood flow. He devised HYPOXI, a combination of low impact exercise and vacuum and compression technology that brings blood to these areas and lets you shape your body! HYPOXI has convinced men and women around the world – there are HYPOXI studios in 50 countries. Jump online and read the reviews and customer comments. Then, jump in your car and find a HYPOXI studio like the one in Scottsdale, AZ and start getting your shape in the shape you want!