6 Ways to Speed Up Your Morning Makeup Routine

Ways to Speed Up Your Morning Makeup Routine

Get ready – look great! Here are 6 ideas that will make your morning makeup and hair routine faster. You’re out the door on time with your hair and makeup just the way you want them.

1. Get Organized. You don’t want to waste time looking for your lipstick or fumbling around for the eye liner. Make a tray with morning essentials that will fit in your bathroom drawer but can be lifted out with everything you need to get ready. If you’re particular about your lipstick or eyeshadow color, spend a couple of minute at night and get exactly what you want in that tray.

2. Forget the Eyebrows. Morning is not the time to pluck. Once you pick up those tweezers, they’re going to steal precious minutes from you. You’ll end up trying to get rid of all those extra eyebrow hairs – not just the one that caught your attention. Wait for the weekend – or at least the evening – to pluck.

3. Simplify Your Hair. Put down that curling iron and hair dryer. Learn to love a sophisticated pony tail. You can make it look professional or glam – just checkout the Internet for ideas. If you’re not that long-haired, pony-tailed person, get an easy-care cut. Don’t rule out dry shampoo if needed. It’s much faster than trying to wash your hair and dry it.

4. Put Some Order into your Makeup. There’s a way to put on makeup that will streamline your routine and will help avoid time-costly smudges. Start with the eyes, then the face, next the cheeks, on to the lips and, finally, the brows. It’s quick and easy and avoids makeup messes.

5. Embrace Help. Give up an hour or two of your weekday or weekend free time and gain precious minutes every morning. Go with eyelash extensions. No mascara needed. No redo’s when you see a clump or you smear the mascara under your eyes. Eyelash extensions not only make your routine faster – they make you look great all the time, even if you decide to go makeup free.

Use Combo Products. There’s foundation with sun screen and lipsticks with the lipliner built in. You can use some blushes as both blush and eye shadow. Why use them? If there are fewer products in that morning tray and fewer tubes and bottles to open, it honestly saves you time.

Get organized and get ready fast. Enjoy looking good all the time – even on that morning when you rolled over and went back to sleep for a few extra minutes. Eyelash extensions from an experienced technician at an eyelash extension salon are a day-in, day-out solution to looking great when you go to bed and when you wake up. That makeup tray is going to save you precious morning time and you’re going to love not having to spend so much time on your hair. Make your mornings smooth – and feel absolutely beautiful when you start your busy day.