What 6 Different Smiles Are Saying

What Different Smiles Are Saying

Does your smile do your talking? Here are 6 different smiles, what they look like and what they might have to say. Tune into that smile. It may be telling you more than you think!

1. The Sincere Smile. They’re called Duhenne lines after the man who discovered them. You may know them more commonly as “crow’s feet”. You might hate the wrinkles but it’s those little lines that make a smile sincere. A true smile involves both the lower and the upper part of the face. A sincere smile is a smile that makes you smile back.

2. The Fake Smile. You can grin from ear to ear, but if only your mouth is moving, everyone better beware of what you have to say. If those Duhenne lines stay flat, the smile is being forced. You’re right to doubt the sincerity of the smile – and, maybe, the sincerity of the person with that fake smile.

3. The Inviting Smile. Women know how to use this one. After all, 90% of men are so afraid of rejection that them won’t approach unless they get a signal, they’re invited. Direct eye contact and an upturned smile signal the woman is receptive. Even more inviting is when the woman arches her eyebrows to make her eyes seem bigger, lowers her eyelids, tucks her chin in to one side and giggles. No man should miss that one!

4. The Available Smile. Men are a little harder to read, but if he’s got on that “toothpaste” grin and has raised his brow that tells a woman that he’s open to her invitation. Put the inviting smile and the I’m-available-smile together and there just might be a love connection – or, at least, an engaging and fun conversation.

5. The Shy Smile. The mouth is closed, but the corners are turned up. This could mean that the person is shy, but open to romance or conversation with just a little urging. On the other hand, a tight smile with a stretched top lip and upper teeth barely showing may show enjoyment but no desire for anything to go further.

6. The Naughty Smile. The body language experts that that the half-smile is a naughty one. It suggests that someone is ready for fun – but maybe not involvement. It might be a sign to check for a wedding band or wedding band tan line before getting too involved. But, it also just may be a way of saying “I’m ready for some fun”.

Not sure what your smile says. Try using the mirror. See when you think you look your most confident and what smile is the most inviting. Find one you like? Practice makes perfect and smiling at yourself is going to make you feel good. If you don’t want to even smile at a mirror, let alone another person, because you’re missing a tooth, have yellow or crooked teeth or another dental problem, do something. Call your full-service dental office. They can fix problems like cavities and offer cosmetic procedures from teeth-whitening to dental implants. Happiness is too good a thing to hide and when you need that come-hither smile, you want to be ready. See your dental office and smile!