5 Things to Know About the Choosing a Dental Office

Things to Know About the Choosing a Dental Office

Going to the dentist may be no big deal – or it may sound a bit scary to you. Finding the right dentist will mean better dental health and a better experience for you. Here are 5 things to consider if you’re looking for a dentist.

1. The Dentist. Dental care still offers you a doctor-patient relationship. You can usually expect to see the same dentist on a regular basis. Find an office where you can establish a good relationship. It starts with the office staff. How do they answer the phone? Are they friendly and personable or are you just another phone call? Make an initial appointment. Do you like the hygienist? Now, what about the dentist? Does he or she spend time with you and carefully explain anything your X-rays and cleaning has discovered. Do you feel comfortable asking questions? Find a dental office that is patient-centered and gives you personal attention.

2. Do They Offer Payment Options? If you’re using dental insurance, the first thing to know is whether or not the office accepts your policy. However, even with insurance, dental work can be expensive. Does the office offer payment plans that will work with your budget?

3. What About Cosmetic Procedures? You want a healthy mouth, but you also want a beautiful smile. Can the dental office offer you the cosmetic care you need? From teeth whitening to implants, from braces to bridges, there are many procedures that can correct missing, crooked or diseased teeth.

4. Are They Judgmental? This is especially important if you have been putting off the dentist or if you know you have dental problems. You want your happy smile and dental health restored. You don’t want a lecture. When you talk to the receptionist, bring up your problems or your lack of dental care and judge the reaction. When you come in for your first appointment, make sure the dentist makes you feel confident not ashamed.

5. Can They Treat The Whole Family? If you have a family with different needs, can this office treat the whole family. This could mean everything from the first dental check-up for a toddler to braces for a teen or dentures or denture options for grand-dad. You want to simplify your dental care by finding one office that really wants to treat – and know – you all.

Looking for a dentist should be a careful process. You may want to start with the dental offices that are most convenient to you because in today’s rushed world, you probably don’t want to add travel time to your visit. You want to find an office that is clean and has up-to-date technology. But, most of all, you want to find a dental office that cares for you, your dental health and your appearance.