5 Things About Chicago – From Chicagoans

Things About Chicago

Who knows the ins and outs of their city best? The people who live there, of course! If you’re getting ready to visit Chicago, here are 5 things the natives would share.

1. Food: Chicagoans love their food – but deep dish pizza may not be their favorite. Many (most?) Chicagoans will order a thin crust pizza that comes cut in squares – most popular with cheese and sausage. Another Chicago treat is a jibarito sandwich. You can still get one from the original restaurant that offered them, Borinquen in Humboldt Park although you’ll find them in other places. There’s no bread involved. Instead the sandwich – meats, cheese, lettuce and, maybe, a tomato, is served on fried plantains.

2. Willis Tower: That may be the official name, but if you’re from Chicago it was – and still is – the Sears Tower. It’s 108 stories high and was once the tallest building in the world. It still ranks number 2 in the United States and it’s the eighth-tallest freestanding structure in the world. Be sure to visit the observation deck, but call it the Sears Tower. While you’re at it, to Chicagoans Comiskey Park is still Comiskey even though its U.S. Cellular Field today.

3. Dibs! Don’t be surprised if you see a parking space that’s been cleared of snow and is not populated with lawn chairs. Nope, no one is coming out to “sun” in the snowy, cold. It’s “Dibs” – the way Chicagoans save their parking space. Does it work? Sometimes, some people will respect a Dibs – others will move the lawn chairs or kids toys and park their own car.

4. The Neighborhoods: Remember Chicago burned in 1871 so very few buildings are older than that. Chicago may be glamorous, but its history is one of a working-class union town. Neighborhoods are important. They carry names and sub-names. You could go to Lake View or you could visit East Lake View.

5. Windy? Yes, Chicago has blustery weather with both gales and cooling breezes off the lake. But, some people will argue that’s not where it got its name. They claim that it is a nod to the hot air that all those politicians blew around. However, use Windy City or Chitown and you’re marking yourself as a visitor, not a native.

Make Chicago your town! When you visit make a list of all the must-sees but set aside some time to just wander and enjoy this beautiful city, its neighborhoods and neighborhood shops and eateries. If you’re having an extended stay, contact a furnished apartment in Chicago company. They’ll find the location that’s right for you, take care of all the details and keep you comfortable so you can enjoy being in one of the best cities in America.