5 Home Remedies to Reduce Eye Puffiness and Make Your Eyes Shine

Make Your Eyes Shine

You can do it. Head to frig or the garden and find something that will reduce the puffiness in your eyes to give you that youthful look. Here are 5 home remedies and how they work.

1. Pick the Roses. Rosewater has vitamin C and vitamin A along with flavonoids. They are not just a natural astringent – they’re anti-inflammatory. Make your own rosewater. It’s fun! Simply, head to the garden and pick the petals from roses. You probably want to pick the ones that are fully open and about ready to die and drop so your garden stays beautiful. Now, put them in a pan, cover with distilled water and simmer. When the petals lose their color, strain the mixture and let it cool. Put it in a jar and whenever your eyes are puffy, apply with a cotton ball to reduce those dark circles.

2. Break an Egg. Want to improve your circulation and reduce inflammation? Beat up some egg whites and apply under your eyes. You can use your finger or a brush to spread the mixture, but let the egg whites dry on your skin for about 10 to 15 minutes. You’ll feel it drying and as it dries it is toning and tightening your skin. Now remove gently by rinsing and pat dry.

3. Not a Gardener – and is your refrigerator woefully understocked? There’s still a workable homemade remedy for your puffy eyes – and, it’s really simple. Take two spoons and put them in that refrigerator overnight. Now, start a new morning routine. Wash your face with cold water to clean, refresh and get a glow on for the day. Then, relax for a few minutes with the back the spoons covering your eyes. The cold will restrict blood flow to reduce redness and swelling.

4. Be as Cool as a Cucumber – or a potato slice. A cucumber slice has been used as a home remedy to reduce puffy eyes for many, many years. It has both antioxidants and flavonoids. So, just pull that cucumber out of the frig and slice away. If you don’t have a cucumber, go for the potato and slice it up. It will stay cool longer and has an ingredient that works like an astringent. You can even grind up the potato and put it in cheesecloth if that works better than a slice for you.

5. Green Tea or Black? Both have the caffeine that constricts the tiny blood vessels to reduce redness and puffiness. Plus, they have tannins that will stimulate your circulation for a healthy glow. Simply put two bags in a mug of hot water, cool the bags and apply. You can even drink the tea! Green or black – up to you; they both work. Or, try another tea. Chamomile tea doesn’t have the caffeine to constrict puffiness but it has anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties. It can even provide relief for conjunctivitis and pink eye.

You’ve taken care of your undereye circles and puffiness – but don’t forget to look up, too. Well-cared-for brows with a strong arch will open up your eyes. Your eyelashes will frame their beauty. So, make sure that you’ve used the curler and applied the mascara. Too much trouble and tired of worrying about drippy mascara or crooked false eyelashes. Make your eyes beautiful 24/7 with a visit to an eyelash salon. They’ll apply the eyelash extensions that are just right to define and frame your beautiful eyes – they’re good in the shower; they’re good when you wake up in the morning. It’s the best way to show off your eyes without muss or fuss – just a trip to an expert technician at your local eyelash extension salon.