5 Differences in the Way Men and Women Treat Weight Loss

Differences in the Way Men and Women Treat Weight Loss

There are physical differences and emotional issues and both impact the way men and women lose weight. Here are 5 facts about the differences between men and women and how they view weight loss and the way they lose.

1. It’s the Muscle. Men simply have more of it and less body fact than women. That muscle gives men a higher metabolism and lets them burn more calories — even at rest. Plus, men’s bodies give them quicker results when they workout. Larger lung size lets them work out harder, but, additionally, a woman’s body tries to protect its fat by slowing the metabolism making dropping pounds more difficult. Overtime, these differences even out. In one study, it showed that at the 2-month mark, men had lost twice as much weight as women when following the same diet plan, but, at 6 months the weight loss was even.

2. Women Eat Emotionally – more than their male counterparts. Women list such things as their mood, their stress level, depression and low self-esteem as emotions that can send them to the cupboard or the fridge. While men may turn to food to soothe their psyche, they don’t do it as often as women do.

3. Men Think They’ll Do Better. Men are more likely to believe they will reach their weight loss goal than women. However, their scores – about 7 – stay the same as the begin to lose. On the other hand, women start off with a lower score but it goes up as the pounds come off. That might give the woman more staying power!

4. It’s a Competition. Men see losing weight as a contest. Take them to the gym and they may try to keep up with the biggest, most fit person who is using the same equipment. However, this may give men a more one-sided approach. Rather than changing their diets, they may just think they can work harder. Women may make a more “whole person” change using both healthier eating and more exercise.

5. Women are more likely to Look for Support. Women want psychological and social support and may reach out to friends, family or programs. However, as society becomes more conscious of the health risks of being overweight, men are catching on to getting help. Since men are more likely to gain weight in the stomach and understand that is a bigger health risk, don’t be surprised if you see a man in your diet group.

One way to get help losing weight is at a medical weight loss center. Men are learning that this is a choice for them. Like the medical weight loss center, which has an advertising campaign that includes a well-known sportscaster singing their praises for his weight loss, medical weight loss centers offer men programs that take weight off rapidly and help them maintain that loss long term. At these centers, the combination of medical monitoring and prescription weight loss drugs make dieting easier for both men and women.